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  1. how about making quest for vh dragon set which is bound so non donor do have choice . if you tell me that it will make the server donation down .. dont get me wrong .. most of us player dont stick to one character in that way donator will still be donating if they do want new vh set and want easy life ,, since donator makes the server alive i think lets give donator much of an advantage . bound vh drag set dont have upper slot and cant be enchant with stats so still donator have some advantage through the donate item..and also in this the hoarders will think twice if they will still hold that items if the latter can have much cheaper choice which is attainable through quest.. items like vh drag set price is going up since its exclusive to those who can donate, players who hoard vh set before the newbies came in this server in that zeny farmer dont have choice but to follow the price of those who holds it. right? and i think also it will make attract more newbie players since they can achieve donate like items through quest .additional to df weapons / varmor etc. and if i do have any suggestion lets make the items requirement hard like put some cdrops boss drops and hell of mats but of course please choose mats that is newbie friendly and zeny requirement like 30b per part or if not 30b zenny make it c drop which cost that much .. and the price of all the gathered mats must be at least 80-90b which is good competition to vh donate sets .. what i see through this is that vh price might drop up to 120-130b which is considerable favorable for those who want donate vh .. and also quest is what makes people play more in this server ... but in this i cant rest assured that costume donate items will drop price .. but its not an issue here since players who want only to play will just use simply the available costumes that is cheaper but efficient .. in my opinion 200-300m costumes are good price since these are liesures of those old player who play long enough.. it is only their reward through hardwork and long playtime in this server .. hope this one helps ... more power Darkside