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  1. Guild Name: EAYC Guild Leader: MjTheGreat/GabrezzyTheGreat/BoboSiDan
  2. Guild Name: Eayc Guild Leader: Kammy bobo and friends
  3. Guild Name: Buto Gaming Party Name: ChubsTanga Party Leader: TAGA SALO TAE SI GEORGE Members & Job: Paladin Whitesmith Clown Stalker Creator Prof Champ edit ko nlng mamaya
  4. Can ya'll try to update the rune knight sprite next? it's pretty ugly and not worth the job costume ticket and also fix the job itself so it can use a mount. Thanks.
  5. Guild Name: Buto Gaming Party Name: ChubbsBOBO Party Leader: Schwaergierier Members & Job: Schwaergierier(Paladin) Dangerous Gabreezy (Champion) Attractive (Highwizard) Cognoscenti (Stalker) Yano(Professor) Mastiaux(Clown) PlayerUnknown(Creator)
  6. +1 and just implement it already so it would be stable