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  1. Up for this! ... Anyway sir, when will lhz cards become tradeable?
  2. Thanks!
  3. Day for what sir? 🤔
  4. @Jedi Doge Hi sir, pls kindly consider also the black and dragon set combo to have +1 allstats when combo'ed... It's like Dragon Helm (Upper) + Dragon Sword(Lower) Combo or Black Dragon Helm (Upper) + Dragon Sword (Lower) Combo = +1 Allstats.. Coz it's kinda almost 100BP last time, and just thinking for its worth... Tnx!
  5. Nice update sir! Is it possible also to revamp Black Dragon Helm + Black Dragon Sword and Dragon Helm + Dragon Sword costumes? Coz it costs like 100 bp'ish and it dont have any stats, Like for example, Dragon Helm + Dragon Sword / Black Dragon Helm + Black Dragon Sword when combo'ed gives +1 allstas.. Tnx! Hope you'll consider this. @Jedi Doge
  6. What is limited edition costume? Tnx
  7. Yeah pls enlighten us about this.. the chances and items we can get aside from weapon tix
  8. +1 sir, 100% CORRECT ..
  9. B> DARK ELFS AURA / 100 BP Leave offer here and In game name,
  10. Revamp Black Set, it is totally left out compared with the other wing sets, especially with venom set, and geo set..
  11. Yes, they are account bounded, at the same time permanent
  12. Hi, @Jedi Doge would you please reconsider to change the requirements for creating an icarus axe [4]? The requirements are somehow rare and really pricey compared to the in demand icarus weapons like ica sword, knuckles, bow and dagger; despite that ica axe can only be equipped and used by merchant classes. It's current requirements are 1pc of guillotine, 1pc of great axe, and 2pcs of vecer axes... guillotine and great axe are really pricey mats compared to those of the requirements for ica bow, sword, daggers and knux.
  13. Yah... I agree +1 to this.
  14. yah it should have +1 allstat, it is 1k woe points tho 😓 @Jedi Doge