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  1. YGPM Sir
  2. Hi how much per 10k pcs?
  3. B>Fish slices, per 10k basis, (need discounted offers) leave ign here.. TIA...
  4. Pls put a slot to Giant Magestic Goat ...
  5. Maybe disabling the @pk off command and enabling pk for all characters (regardless of base lvl difference) at prt_maze will help...
  6. Yeah indeed, some decent equipments that can be purchased via avpoints and vote points too.. (e.g: weapons)
  7. Pls enable @storeall command and increase guild members capacity 🖖
  8. I agree with this, pls put some weapons and or equipments that is exchangeable via woe pts / woe pta Also pls make some pts exchanger(equipment, cdrops, gears)for emperium break pts and pvp points
  9. Just a suggestion bruh, there are some low budget keyboards / mouse at the market... and most of the ppl are happy with no macro
  10. Yes sir, as soon as the woe starts, pls reconnect.. it happened to me plenty times that I forgot relogging during woe and I rcvd 0 point.. sad 😓
  11. Sniper on action now
  12. Thanks for this update
  13. Wow nice update haven't red the reducing of delay of sp and fas
  14. Oh... I remember this skill way back @ DarkRo Force, the classic one and really original
  15. Yep pls increases damage of spiral pierce and reduce delay of it..