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  1. as the admin said "We promise to make it up to you guys and try to compensate for that one month of effort that was taken away from everyone." so yeah try to provide a screenshot
  2. Amistr Beret please release it hehehe
  3. Changed name from MaximumGenie to Tofu see you in game!

    1. Vox Populi
    2. imandio


      tofu tofuuuuu i like tofu

  4. On-Leave :D
    with cousins

    1. imandio


      have a nice daay


  5. Increase the difficulty of Mission Quest at @quest Additional Headgear Questable Headgears Create a Trading NPC for players who requires Middle Man for items that is worth 300b+ Create an item that allow players to sell Donation Tickets/Bonus Points from players.
  6. Will Be Gone for a few days, Looking for work irl hhehezzzzz

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      Good luck! damay mo ko HAHAHAHA

    2. imandio


      :( saddieeeeee

    3. Nab
  7. Genie what is the Costume Enchant Scroll for?


  8. As I have said it is up to the player not players that's individual, its up to them what to prioritize first, never forget lifes comes first. your opinion are very well open
  9. at this rate a player should be the one to choose what/who to prioritize I assume.
  10. It's me again, I am here to suggest again to benefit everyone on the server I would like to suggest to create a script that would able to auto disconnect those vendors who reached on the time limit. 12 hours or 24 hours vending is enough. at this other players would be able to vend on their spot, previous spot create a rules regarding on the usage of the mall vending - players who are selling useless items for 1b such as "Knife" "Clothing" to save spot for their future vendors - Player stacking on the current vendors to take advantage and create a vendors on their own. Create a team that will able to manage different fuction from the server & forums such as - managing report on forums - player appeal - followup request - manage gpack requests - manage helpers - police Create a new vend/buy skill that would able to sell items via server currency "CREDITS" for easy transaction and avoid player on being scammed since the reporting system aren't that much active and cannot be handle by 2 or 1 staff of the server. Disable the PK status outside the town map permanently at this we can make the server "friendly" and since its a farming server New wider map ((PLEASE)) for the vendors hehehe, and should be divided into two one side for buyers and the other side would be sellers at this we can easily organize the vendors.
  11. We are dealing with that already but we also need your help so we can easily identify who and where... http://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/forum/71-report-misconduct/ by using this you'll able to report a player, your report will be classified
  12. Look at this Prontera Map! it's very useful in the future though! PVP or GVG room Wider Market for VENDORS!! Possible Quest Map
  13. pleae help me on my homunculus ai so it can move aroun and attack monsters thanks


  14. heheheh