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  1. We are dealing with that already but we also need your help so we can easily identify who and where... http://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/forum/71-report-misconduct/ by using this you'll able to report a player, your report will be classified
  2. Look at this Prontera Map! it's very useful in the future though! PVP or GVG room Wider Market for VENDORS!! Possible Quest Map
  3. pleae help me on my homunculus ai so it can move aroun and attack monsters thanks


  4. heheheh
  5. Great update.
  6. do a back read probably.
  7. Hmm, Nice!
  8. Thanks for the response :D i was hoping i could use the star glads union skill so that i could float like a saiyan :D

  9. Hi man. Im trying to play the server but evrytime i try to open it i get a error saying that it didnt find gepard.dll and also the msvcp100.dll

    1. MaximumGenie


      re-install darksideRO client 
      using lite server or full server.
      after that 

      extract these files on your darksideRO folder

  10. or create a time tick or a timer for the @at, Auto Vend can vend 12 hours and after the 12 hours Auto vend the character will automatically disconnected from the server, so other players would be able to take the spot and so on.
  12. Additional Kafra's , Warp Agent and Healer at some corner or portal from different town like ((Broadcaster also If possible)) Prontera Town @warp Prontera 153 326 @warp Prontera 282 202 @warp Prontera 31 207 @warp Prontera 146 91 @warp Prontera 151 31 @warp Prt_fild05 290 227 Geffen Town @warp Geffen 198 123 @warp Geffen 155 198 @warp Geffen 40 124 Alberta Town @warp Alberta 114 60 Payon Town @warp Payon 179 104 Izlude Town @warp Izlude 136 90 Midgard Camp @warp mid_camp 224 240 Also make a job restriction and additional level requirements when entering the Battleground
  13. Retired as Helper but i am still willing to keep in touch with you all.