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  1. hello peps and players, i just recently found out that Im getting addicted to this server but I don't see any entertaining games for non-pk players (aside from hourly game activities), so I started thinking what if there will be some new entertainment for players to get exposed aside from focusing to its main core? I don't know if everyone will agree to this or not but it's better to try rather than doing nothing. Suggestion: 1A. Let us use the World/Main chat for free. I understand that there are some restrictions but it is also a hassle that we have to use the broadcaster npc just to shout.If you guys are really serious about the World/Main chat rules, you can mute us in a couple of mins after receiving some several warning from using any inappropriate words/manner. 2A.Players Drop items cooldown before anyone can loot. 1B. If possible to add some new game activities aside from the daily hour event like poring catcher etc. PS. REFRAIN FROM POSTING ANY INFORMATION REGARDING FROM THE POSTED VIDEO BELOW. I DONT OWN IT but it would be one the good example for pk and non-pk players to enjoy the game. Example.mp4