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  1. bro wazzup..me bago ba o ganun padin


  2. +2 all stats on Invisible Set pls
  3. it would be easy to hunt those rare MVP ~
  4. BM monsters.
  5. Yay!
  6. registration starts tomorrow, 12 noon PH Time. just follow this instructions:
  7. Attention Sirs, @ jedi dodge,, @sandbox,, @vox populi please help me regarding promo code 1 items ..


    I was over weight when i claimed promo code 1 the HBDBOTPOGI


    i was not expecting that to many items that to be claimed.


    when i check my inventory only 2 valkery shield and 2 valkery armor i have

    no slipner, cards , nigor armor and job ticket.


    please help me sir to claim thoes unclaimed items


    Sir Tofu advice me to raise my concerns here in forum


    RO darkside my equipment  inventory.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 1.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 2.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 3.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 4.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 5.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 6.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 7.jpg

    Darkside ro storage 8.jpg

  8. Ctrl + U will show you the quest window, on the bottom left corner uncheck the option in there, it will be gone.
  9. if it has a C's on its name it will not work, before Sharingan is a normal item that need to be converted to be a costume, follow what darksidecloud said, it will work after that
  10. vox.. pa follow up naman nun naging problem, ko nag buo ako niless.. di nag bigay npc.. over weight ako.. kasi.. walang str character ko.. nag reset kasi ako.. thanks pls.. salamat

  11. 2018
  12. Nice! Hehehe 😋😈
  13. Maximum points in KOE / WOE right now is around 5,000 points. I think a 5K worth of KoE/WoE pts is good enough for 1 piece of AES. It's hard to earn WoE pts, especially KoE pts.
  14. Thanks for the info /no1
  15. Costume Headgear or Normal Headgear?