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  1. Please read the market place rules.
  2. Before it was 1b ~ 2b. So nowadays I think it is around 4b.
  3. type @quest there is a Dressing Coach in there.
  4. Press alt + U then it will show the Quest Window, on the lower left there is a Tick Box, you click it. (Will attach screenshot later.)
  5. It will happen on sunday, after hot agit sir. 11pm ~ 11:30pm GMT+8
  6. This prices are based on the market price being broadcasted in-game. Asprika - no idea right now +10 DF Claw (knuckle) - 300B+++++ Sleipnir - 30b ~ 35b Black Set - 150b+++++ Valk. Shield - 10b ~ 15b No + Naga Shield - 5~10m +7 Naga Shield - 20c ~ 40c +8 Naga Shield - 3b++++ +9 Naga Shield - no idea +10 Naga Shield - no idea Demon Fox Aura - 400b++++ - 600b++++ Prices stated above is not absolute. Again, I just based it on the current market price I saw in the broadcast of players. Thank you.
  7. here @Wancho
  8. @Wancho follow this sir.
  9. on your RO Folder > opensetup.exe > Sounds Option > No Sound > Save > Run the Client again.
  10. Yes sir.
  11. @Hancock here, please follow the guide.
  12. But you posted it in the Bug Tracker section. Just clearing things.
  13. Not a bug. Just removed all of your equipment, armor/weapon/shield/garment/shoes
  14. As of now, Job Ticket is removed from the Lotti. But it will be back soon, as per the admin.