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  1. Afaik, its fixed already sir.
  2. Joen online ka in-game? baka pede patulong. pde kb magjail ng players? may namamataong kasi sa mall e. ayaw tantanan ung vendor ko... pahelp naman please :)

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      Hindi ako online papi. Tsaka wala na kami commands. @request ka na lang pag online si Sir Jhake po.

    2. Resonance-


      ok cge hahaha... nakakbadtrip ung mga nampapatong sa vends. >_< Thank you :)



      Edited by Resonance-
  3. It was like that during the Halloween Event sir. And DarksideRO is a PK Server.
  4. Claim your points at prontera 168 171 or @avpoints or @quest hourly rewards NPC is there.
  5. me new patch pla kaya pala me unknown item aq d nkikita

    tnx bro


  6. @Nikesb
  7. @Jedi Doge
  8. how long for me to get my donation


    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      When did you donate? Did you send the e-mail already and followed the steps?


      Use @request in-game.

  9. Mizukage Hat = Oblivion Helm Kazekage Hat = Kakashi's Headprotector
  10. Sunday WOE is 2 hours, 9pm to 11pm
  11. When you're in a internet cafe, using flash drive, follow the ff: RO Folder > opensetup.exe > sound option > select no sound > run the client. OR RO folder > opensetup.exe > screen resolution > choose what you like > run the client. It works for me always.
  12. Do you know how the game work using flash drive only? That you can log in in any computer when your not at home. Like your in cyber cafe or office.

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      just copy the RO folder in your flash drive, then when you're in a internet café, plug it in, run the patcher if only until gepard shield logo shows up, tweak something in the opensetup.exe then run the client again.


      This is what I do on weekends haha

    2. Keith


      Ok let me try. Thx.

  13. There's always the Broadcast Reminder that says Maximum deposit in bank is 2,000,000,000 sir.
  14. there is @warp command