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  1. you can't create it. type @avpoints in-game, there you will find the gambler. 1 WoE point per game, you need to win 4 straight to gain a WoE equipment. it is random.
  2. IGN: Sir Koji B> 1,000 pcs Soft Feather = 300,000 zeny each or 400M if 1K pcs. Leave IGN, gonna pm you tomorrow.
  3. yo, you need the tonic from the mall. not the one dropped by the MVP.
  4. Fail! Common MVP cards costs around 30m to 50m.
  5. Yep, that's correct. The timer will only work if you're inside the castle.
  6. Pair sir.
  7. 4.5B for Fusion wings and 2.5B for Str Figs
  8. Selling the following items: - Jedi Hood - Fusion Wings
  9. Aside from what sir A2 said, your character must be level 255 and the guild must be at max level, 50. When inside the castle your character must be constantly moving so the timer will not stop. So cloaking or just hiding in a corner will not work. Same in KoE.
  10. There's @train command for leveling purposes.
  11. @A2 @Jedi Doge @Kisa @kraft @Kreia @MaximumGenie
  12. that's why you lower your buying price huh hahahaha
  13. price range is 80c to 100c per 1K Boxes.
  14. Did you try to re-log before WoE?
  15. @storeall command soon pls thanks! Nice update!