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  1. Make an option at donation NPC to change tickets back into donation points. That way if someone has less than 10 donation tickets they can revert it back into points to purchase credits or other items that are worth less than 1000 donation points. Currently at donation npc there are no items worth under 10 donation tickets, so I believe this would make players happier if they have an option to convert their tickets back into points, or implement new donate items that are worth less than 10 donation tickets.
  2. Make the monsters in bombring stronger, been seeing novices survive multiple physical hits by the bombrings. Also been seeing novices in bombring event wearing costumes (boarding halter), not sure how they are able to do that, but I would take a look into it.
  3. Could there possibly be a conversion of donation tickets back into points at the donate npc? I have like 3 tickets and I cant use them to buy anything, but I can convert them back into points than I can cash out for credits. Thanks!
  4. B> crothen card = offer S> Abbadon mid = 60b S> wolf rider spirit = 30b or offer
  5. still buying?
  6. SELLING : +7 DF Banryu = 70b or offer Wolf Rider Spirit Costume (+1 all stats) = 35b Buying : Ifrit card = OFFER
  7. B> ifrit card = offer || Selling Wolf rider spirit costume (+1 All stats) = 45b or trade for costume or items OFFER!!!