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  1. nice thanks
  2. admin can you make the homunculus back to level 99 only so many afk farmers on prt_maze03

  3. admin can you make mithril ore useful make them need to a quest headgears?
  4. good update for annoying strippers haha
  5. now i know thank you
  6. wtf i dint know lol that's why i don't receive my points waste effort damn
  7. is this effective today or tomorrow?
  8. do i need to relog sir?
  9. how can i check woe timer? i talk to npc woe reward after playing 1hr woe still 0 points
  10. so many abuser gm on that woe points >.< i play every woe i dont receive points why
  11. @storeall please @dance please fix swordguardian card and bow guardian card can't put on cart