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  1. sir jhake can you please remodel the Rager cap i wanted to make it style 1 








  2. LK its 50 - 50 like sinx get katar or dagger
  3. Bring back the NPC for level 4 weapon so we can create icarus axe
  4. hey admin how much is cursed abbadon sword lower on donate?

  5. add cursed abbadon sword on arena shop ahahaha
  6. 120b venom set
  7. figs str 2.5b dex 1.8-2b int 8-8.5b ifrit card 40-50b crothen 10b fallen 1b
  8. at last no more afk farmers ahahaha
  9. good event
  10. hey joe pag ba paladin ginamit ko sa quest df banryu makukuha ko?

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      yes, yun nakalagay sa guide eh

    2. Miracle


      hirap pala daming need hahahahaha

    3. Miracle


      kala ko cdrops lng eh

  11. bro where can i find the df quest?

  12. oh nice every weekend thanks admin
  13. wandere sakkat is 30b winter coat 10b balmung 5b
  14. nice thanks
  15. admin can you make the homunculus back to level 99 only so many afk farmers on prt_maze03