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  1. Currently planning and browsing this one in the dressing coach im planning to buy this angelic set, but i prefer the old style for the helm in which we can choose whatever middle hg we want.
  2. Hi, @Jedi Doge is there a chance that -FLEE on WoE Hr (Nerfed flee) be implemented? we would like to suggest to implement this bec. during woe all players must be in fair fight even a clown with normal items having 700 FLEE i think it's too much for all specially for newbies does everyone need to buy SNIPER CARD worth $$$$$ to have enough HIT? if we use 2 PHREEONI we already sacrifices too much cards specially for Lord Knight hoping for your consideration and please notice this POST. #RESPECTPOST
  3. Hi, @Jedi Doge I would like to ask when will be SinxC implemented during WoE? .. almost plenty of Donators bought a SINXC through donate almost ****$ and they can't even use it, Even the LHZ hunters also asking when and why the game is keeping sinxc unused .. if someone there thinking SINXC is too OVERPOWERED, well it's not there are plenty ways to counter a sinxc user well im just concern for those who buy it by $$$ and Keep hunting it on lhz dungeon Honestly one of my friends is also sinxc user so that's why im asking Thanks!
  4. Up for this, good point and suggestion, it should be used for all the characters within the account... @Jedi Doge
  5. Oh i see, tnx for answering @Jedi Doge... Is this per character or per account? i mean once ive used this on my sniper, then i cant use it on other characters in my account?
  6. Hi sir @blitz0153, I think there is no indication here that it is a consumable, and will be gone once clicked... "maybe" it would work like a boarding halter... @Jedi Doge and yeah, it would be great if it works like a boarding halter style hehe, tradeable and resellable.. can you please enligthen us?
  7. @Jedi Doge.. Yeah nice suggestion, it would be great if it would be transferrable to all of the characters within the account tho.
  8. with proper stats and gears .. you can reach the max damage ..
  9. Sir, in normal KoE is it still Last 5 minutes or last 3minutes? (Normal KoE and Event KoE)
  10. Tnx tnx
  11. @Jedi Doge
  12. But if you succeed then you can use the same scroll again? It won't be consumed? Also what are the mithril ores monster properties?
  13. After a successful enchanting the enchant scroll will be consumed? ( gone? ) or re usable until the enchanment fails? Also pls can you pls enlighten us about the monster properties of the mithril ore mob? Cannot search it tho with (@mi mithril ore) TIA
  14. In this case you can re - enchant the manteau to change its additional stats? Example, from the ss given it is str+1 so re - enchanting it to change to other stat is still possible? Or once you've succesfully enchanted it will remain the same
  15. Pls implement @storeall command, and bring back the throwback box Also when will be the lhzcards be tradeable? Aside from hwc and hpc? Coz ive red seen some discussions about it on the group... TIA