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  1. is there a way for you to add some sort of an alt feature for the BM hotkeys? I mean like for example, by pressing ` you can switch your main BM to the alt BM? If you're going to implement that talent feature, I think this idea would be good for us whose BM slots are already completely filled with skills, consumables, and equipment switches. As is, I actually need like 4~5 more rows. I switch a lot and use consumeables like resist potions by opening my inventory cause 28 buttons just aren't enough to accomodate all of them. I'd actually like to use some more of my other skills but there's just no more space for them.
  2. soft sheep hat costume please http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=18569&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search agi and blessing scroll from arena not giving 20 scrolls like in the description. emergency scrolls from arena not working.
  3. Can you expound on this one? Which item/skill/event script was fixed and which descriptions were corrected?
  4. Make Credit Agent Passport last 2 months pls. Not worth doing the quest, honestly T_T you spend like 200+m to convert 10b zeny, ain't worth it (To make Gold Room a viable way of earning zeny for newbies, make gold price go up to 200k again pls)
  5. agreed. I think the aim of this thread is to give priests a role in pvp and woe, not to make them OP. Remember, although priests can be killers, they're supposed to be supports. Giving them a lot of skills will bring about problems like "give us 3rd job skills too, it's unfair". Like I said in my previous comment, having extra skills alone is enough, so the skills should be toned down to match prerenewall mechanics. Else; next big idea would be "Expanded Super Novice Skills pls"
  6. maybe nerf priest buffs as well? something like: Impositio manus = 1% atk per level suffragium = can be cast on self, 80% cooldown reduction on next skill, 15s cooldown 10s duration gloria = 30luk +2 crit per level magnificat = 1k hp regen, 100sp regen per second? Sanctuary = 7777 hp heal on max level? ------------- with regards to gtb, with all due respect, I think it's part of wearing GTB, that's why it has the suffix "of deaf".
  7. Lauda Agnus and Lauda Ramus and Praefatio would be fine as long as they have fixed skill cooldown that follows official setup or even a bit longer. We wouldn't want party kyrie spam and area recovery spammed. Judex is fine, I guess. Adoramus too strong, so nope, unless you lower the damage. (lex + adoramus would totally destoy a bow user :'D ) Oratio - make it single target instead. ------------------ I think toning the skills down to match prerenewal game play would be wise. Having extra skills alone is already a lot.
  8. +99999 I think this has been the best update I've ever seen. Admin team really used their brains for this one. Kudos to you guys!
  9. wooo thaaaaanks <3
  10. more like, admin increased the drop rate because they are selling them OP.
  11. please fix majority of DarkSide Costumes having 100 weight each instead of 10. (10 in description but actually weighs 100) vote point shop costumes, activity shop costumes, bp costumes, etc etc, they have 100 weight each </3 #justiceForLowStrChars
  12. yeysu, my bug report has finally been heard. thank you Sir Kai, wherever you are *w* no more disappearing punching bag.
  13. @Jedi Doge is it possible to give saberthrust's bonus boost on damage on DF lightsaber as well (like how it is with the red light saber)? This way, Siths would finally pack a punch in pvp. I barely see any of them in pvp since without a shield, they are just dead men walking--- and when they do use a shield, their damage is just plain sad. Jedis have their own version of cloak, so lots more people go for jedi when it comes to pvp. Though---I think with Sinxc and WSc they would be OP, but at least people who main on sith could finally pvp.
  14. Real PvP spirit isn't asking for nerfs (or complete removal) on things you fail to counter; real PvP spirit is thinking of ways to counter them. Ice wall has been part of PvP since wizards were out and about (year 2003?), and lots of people have developed their own ways of countering it. Your train of thought is like a wizard asking to disable maya and gtb cards in pvp because they counter them.
  15. Well, the idea is to change the font used by the client. I mean, I and l are the same in game, which makes players susceptible to scam and the like. I've been to servers where the font used it different, hence I looks different from l. pros: easier identification cons: players whose names have i disguised as l or l disguised as I will have ugly looking names.