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  1. @Exo Bladegive ur best offer
  3. @aventum sorry the server went down. and buyer comes in. its sold now thanks
  4. @aventum whisper me ingame to discuss
  5. @Gildarts pass bro. thanks for the offer
  6. @aventum 220b or offer
  7. pass @awyeahh higher offer please. updated stocks of items
  8. how to get df spear? which job to use?
  9. @jump command? is it possible?
  10. that 50 flee is op enough
  11. Sell Water Spell Caster Sold Amaterasu Aura Lower Offer Red Visor Sold Aqua Visor v2 Offer Abbadon Aura Lower Offer Black Set [Str+2] Sold Feather Coat Offer Freya Aura Mid Sold Black Giant Dragon Sword Mid Offer +6 DF Revolver Sold Red God Aura Lower Sold Black Dragon Cyclops Eye Offer Asprika[Dex+1] Offer Variant Shoes Offer Nike Cap Offer Kreia Coat Offer +6 DF Staff Sold ALL IS OPEN FOR TRADES, JUST WRITE IT DOWN BELOW Receiving Pre-Orders for Dragonforce Weapons @28b or negotiable IGN : Lucyal