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  1. How about Black Police Hat?
  2. Add koe rankings
  4. Is this only applicable for sunday?
  5. Disable invasion event in Niflheim for temporary please
  6. Reset breaker ladder because HP of Emp is now 3x
  7. Emperium aside from Horn? and also emperium in emp breaker test?
  8. @Jedi Doge Make level 1 scrolls storeable.
  9. It was removed already.
  10. 3b each?
  11. @Jedi Doge Implement stronger monsters in NVZ with high hit Disable Ice Wall outside horn Implement @hold command
  12. Disable ICE WALL at horn castle
  13. Upgrade balmung
  14. Command that hides pvp and bg announcers
  15. @storeall, @hold, and @duel command pls