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  1. @Jedi Doge Give Rune Knight the Ferus... !
  2. @Jedi Doge B> Sprites Ticket lol
  3. @Jedi Doge Just for your consideration, alternative from Japanese Sprites. (Perhaps on the next update).
  4. @Jedi Doge Suggestion: 1. Please consider to disable Ice Wall in PvP. It ruins PvP spirit. 2. Will Peco2 change to Ferus with this sprite change as well?
  5. Thank you for the confirmation.
  6. Great updates. @Jedi Doge @A2 Added Job Costume NPC = For this one. Once you've unlocked the class costume, you will be able to change it anytime with no additional fee. Will it still stay in database when you deleted your character and created a new one?
  7. @A2 Thank you for the confirmation, you did a typo there, that's why I am confused. LK has restrictions on items the only restrictions are no parry, no ogretooth/cranial, no assump and no auto tarot and no outside buffs. You get free edp from admin as well if the fight is taking too long.
  8. @A2 Sorry, I may have gotten your message wrongly or there's a typo there. So what's the restriction items for LK? Since someone is using DF Banryu before so I believe it is not following this list:
  9. @Jedi Doge @A2 Same as above. I don't see any Restriction Item for LK, does that mean we are allowed to use anything in the event? I saw 1 LK is using DF Banryu from the past event.
  10. S> Black Dragon Cyclop OR T> /w Venom / Blue / Red Set / Credits
  11. B> Valk Shield / Valk Rand Card l S> Sandbox Aura (Low) PM Me your price
  12. Map: Gon_Test(GvG mode) Best of 3 | Fade Match You can ask the Admin for FCP, Agi and Bless before the match. No Outside Buffs | No Cranial/Ogretooth Card | No Parrying | No Ifrit Set | No Assumptio Scroll Reward: 2,500 Donation Points | 2nd & 3rd gets Bounded Valkyrie Armor Need some clarification: In LK 1 Vs. 1 rule, it was written there Gon_Test(GvG mode) does that mean it will follow GvG item restriction?
  13. #1 what's the orientation angle looks like? Style 1: Back Visor Straight? Style 2: Back Visor Slanted? Style 3: Normal Front Visor Straight Style 4: Back Visor Slanted? Sorry Dodge, I can't visualize it haha. #3 Does that mean, we can have (all stats + 1) x 2 ?
  14. Can we @request to see the sample, please? This looks awesome. For #1 Customize, we still unable to request all stats + 1?
  15. Please Fix These Items Description in Donation Manager, very misleading and confusing: 1. Omnis Aura was written as Upper Head Gear in the description. 2. Black Dragon Cyclop Eyes was written as Upper Head Gear in the description.