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  1. Lol I am not sure who you are in game. But salute to your determination for the sprites. UP for you.
  2. Lol I gave up. I don't think it will ever get fixed. I would rather they returned the sprite to Korean RK instead, because that was the working one without an issue.
  3. Great update. It will be great if someone can look into the constant crashing that happen recently as well: Not sure whether others are experiencing this as well.
  4. How many does it contain for a box? 10? 100?
  5. Really... Mine is still the same
  6. @Jedi Doge Dear Jedi, If you have the change to check RK Sprites cloth color please hahaha. I believe this has been fixed for a while and the issue came back again.
  7. What's that for @A2 to save it from breaking upon refining?
  8. Pawned + Owned badly.
  9. The RK sprite still looks the same even after patches. I have asked around, they are seeing the same thing even after successful patches.
  10. @Jedi Doge Give Rune Knight the Ferus... !
  11. @Jedi Doge B> Sprites Ticket lol
  12. @Jedi Doge Just for your consideration, alternative from Japanese Sprites. (Perhaps on the next update).
  13. @Jedi Doge Suggestion: 1. Please consider to disable Ice Wall in PvP. It ruins PvP spirit. 2. Will Peco2 change to Ferus with this sprite change as well?
  14. Thank you for the confirmation.
  15. Great updates. @Jedi Doge @A2 Added Job Costume NPC = For this one. Once you've unlocked the class costume, you will be able to change it anytime with no additional fee. Will it still stay in database when you deleted your character and created a new one?