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  1. can i see what costume is that?
  2. Can you add the Rainbow Stocking to Open Buying Store?
  3. Change the Rainbow Stocking loot to the killer not to the one who damaged more. If he teleport those who killed him get it.
  4. When you misclick the upperleft part DarksideRO written , and clicked inside the game you'll notice your chat box removed, Only reconnects fix it. Even you spam f10.


  5. I can't close storage


  6. you'll get a message to relog if youve been afk for 5mins. maybe you didn't notice that? try to relog bro. cause if you got that message, i guess it will not still run even your active for long. so you have to reconnect.
  7. its random bro. i got duplicate then i swap with someone got duplicate too.
  8. try to relog bro. i think 20mins online "ACTIVE" will give you 1.
  9. Why? It seems fine farming with only freebies equipment? This is like an event of the active people.
  10. nah it doesn't work in the map of the event
  11. hey i'm using a level 255 wizard with only freebies from level 200 box. + Ghostring Hat. to get some fabric. I died maybe countless times. But finished the quest 3x going now for my 4th time. Dont be too negative cheer up. Spam SG then warp. if you died just get back