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  1. I noticed that there are customized headgears(like Kinesso Sword) that I think does not fit the RO sprites. I also noticed that there are tons of hats that are released and not even 70% of them are used by the players. I think that maybe the designers should make a collaboration with the community or pick a small group of players(some stylish/fashionista players) to try the headgear or give constructive criticisms if the customized headgear will fit the standards of the RO world before the headgears are released. It's just my thought that I have been holding in for a long time and I think that I should try to voice it out even if it will not even be read and I think that doing this will improve the audience impact of the new headgears and the released headgears(if you guys will remodel them). A character's appearance affects a player's motivation. The ideas for the customized headgears are good but it's just the design that bothers me and some of the players that I have talked to happen to agree with me. I hope that these suggestions inside this post are at least read and given consideration. Looking forward to the hats that are to be released next in the upcoming updates. /no1
  2. @Jedi Doge Some Zodiac Headgears happen to have a slot for a card. Is this a mistake or is it really planned? I do not remember any of these Zodiac Headgears to be slotted. Are some them really slotted?
  3. @Jedi Doge Does this mean that these items are Costumes now? Will Bell Coat give +1 All Stats too in the future updates?
  4. @Jedi Doge I would like to suggest that you add an NPC(probably one that gives quests) that allows Players that used Job Costume Tickets to interchange their 3rd Job Sprites(Korean/Original Sprites and Japanese Sprites) because there are players that prefer the other version than the current 3rd Job Sprites that we are using. No more additional Job Costume Ticket required just a quest for you to change your current 3rd job sprite or just add it as an option in the current Job Costume NPC. Since there are few to no participants in BG events, I would also like to suggest that you include WoE and KoE shop headgears in the BG Shop so that BG will be filled with players again because there are fewer players that attend BG unlike before when I first transferred to this server. For BG features: Please make use of WoE castles or castle grounds as additional terrains so the players get to form strategies for WoE purposes(This might attract participants, maybe or maybe not but it will be good to try and test if it will work). Make BG similar to HoH(not like the farming type that Chan and friends do. No HoH points to be acquired and make the mobs similar to Castle Guardians to make use of the Elder Card which most likely no one ever uses) so that there's a new kick to it. Make the Red and Blue Team spawn HoH mobs(Just the HoH characters, no HoH points to be acquired if you kill one. If you play DOTA, LOL, Mobile Legends, and more, you will get the idea why I am suggesting these HoH mobs to be added in BG). Doing these might attract players to participate in every BG event. Make use of Star Wars as the theme for this if this will be approved(Red Team as the Darth Vader's Team) The only times that BG is running is 8-9pm and 12-1am server time. Most of the players start to do other stuff or play other games whenever they wanted to join BG but there are insufficient participants for it to start so you might want to relate or make a similar feature/s from other games to RO just so that RO can keep up with new games that are being released. I just want this server to be lively again all day, not just during evening WoE. /lv
  5. Are these Refine Deeds going to ensure the success of a specific Refine Level or will it instantly adjust the Refine Level of the weapon when used?
  6. Priest Spirit + 2 Acolyte Figures with Cookie Card. If there would be anything else to change, it's the B.S. Sacramenti. There's never enough Priest in a party to make it work.
  7. My Blue Visor v2 is open for trades to any other color of v2 Visors.
  8. A'ight. Thank you for the update and answering my questions! /no1
  9. I see. Will it be good to disable Berzebub Card(if ever you plan to increase Warm Wind to Level 5) in WoE like Assassin Cross Card just so that melee jobs(excluding Siths and Jedis) that are farming at HoH can use Ghost element? @Jedi Doge
  10. @Jedi Doge can you increase it to Level 5 so that any job can use Ghost element? There are weapons that are Ghost-type like Immaterial Sword but there's no slot. Also, where can we put this card?
  11. I already bought a Blue Visor v2 from xKoji yesterday and I am now trying to trade it for another v2 Visor of a different color.
  12. My Blue Visor v2 is open for trades to any other color of v2 Visors. Red Visor v2 is the one that I want the most but you can offer any color that you want to offer. You can buy it by credits. You can offer other stuff for it. Leave offers or send me a message on any of my characters named Je ne sais pas and Queen Semiramis or send me a message here at the forum.
  13. Finally, a better way to get Job Costume Tickets without burning 500b or more. Also, can you make the Variant Shoes from that box refinable?
  14. Looking forward to the positive effects of this. Hoping that the prices will go down somehow because the market's not flowing that much anymore. This will be the start of a brighter future of the game.
  15. I think it's best to make it happen for a week or a month to see if this idea will open doors to having Priests not just in BG but also in WoE. You can then decide if it was a good idea or not and then you can balance or remove it. I am looking forward to the day that this will be implemented. /no1