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  1. Rotation please.
  2. @skillall
  3. Like & share event to get more players on the server. Woe - Monthly GVG, Hot AGIT Lastly, bring tournaments back.
  4. The name of the coin is totally up to the GM's/Admin/Owner. I don't think it makes any difference or even matter as long as it serves a purpose. The whole idea is to take a huge amount and make it look "small" whilst retaining its value.
  5. New currency suggestion. I was thinking since the inflation of the "Credit" currency is getting worst day by day. I was hoping that there will be another currency much like Bitcoin. Example, "1 Jedi Doge Coin = 300,000 Credits." It would help with buying expensive equips that costs over 300b. It would also save players the worry of getting scam and also avoid the pain of looking for a trustworthy "Midman". Cheers
  6. DING DING DING! Looks like someone actually put it out there for you @Shawty. I wanted you find out for yourself. Oh well. @DR4LUC0N thank you kind Sir.
  7. If you're so worried about the newbies than why would you even suggest having EDP enabled in woe in the first place? How is it even a fair fight when you have eg. a Champ/Gunslinger with edp and devo smashing through a stack of players like a bowling ball hitting a pile of bowling pins. I find it really funny how you are able to contradict yourself in the same thread with 2 separate posts. The whole idea to the game is to find ways to counter what others excel in and surpass them and to say 700FLEE on a Clown is really over exaggeration cause even with A whistle and 255 Agi their flee doesn't even reach 600. Here's a little enlightenment for you Missy flee isn't really the thing that bothers you, its bigger than that. But that's for me to know and for you to find out. #RIPFAIRFIGHT
  8. @Jedi Doge No love for Ninjas? Don’t leave us out of the update.
  9. +1