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  1. buy and sell

    Yes I do, please PM me in-game.
  2. buy and sell

    UPDATE! Sleipnir added on buying section
  3. buy and sell

    UPDATE! Added Grimtooths on selling section
  4. WoE sets are not allowed. Since GMs can view your sets, you'll be told to change your item.
  5. buy and sell

    UPDATE! I've already bought thanatos card
  6. buy and sell

    UPDATE! Thanatos card added on buying section
  7. buy and sell

    Welcome to my thread, I'll be puting up my market place. please bookmark this thread. Items I need to buy and sell are open for trade, post your offers please. IGN: zinX, Taken, Behemond, Acion Arena SELLING +0 Dragonforce Sword +10 Grimtooths =65c each (EXCLUSIVE FORUM DISCOUNT) Robot Ears = 23c each Buying None as of this moment I need Suppliers for Evil Horn = 8c per 1k Tongue = 8c per 1k Nine Tails = 10c per 1k Horseshoe = 8c per 1k Lantern = 10c per 1k Skull = 7c per 1k
  8. Trade to my DF Sword
  9. +1 for the DF Axe
  10. @pk doesnt work on niflheim. tss
  11. Ripple=1b
  12. Agit and KOE rewards to the GuildMaster only? what's in a supply box?
  13. I suggest 1. Change the name of Box of thunder(10) as to not get confused with Box of Thunder 2. Change the @ii(item info) name of Box of Thunder(10) because it cannot be searched with "@ii Box of thunder" since the @ii name is "BoT_Box/BoT Box"