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Saint Ram

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    Boris Kalashnikov
  1. i love this game.. i've been playing this since dark-ro times.. i hope that the game will still continue.. i will still play no matter what..
  2. boss can u also add +1 all stats on bandage scarf.. pretty please.....
  3. 2 bunch of carnation is an overkill.. IMHO..
  4. Already made this awesome wing... It's normal HG.
  5. ff
  6. Can you please do the same with Gunslingers... TIA...
  7. Hi Admins, I would just like to make a suggestion regarding the DF REVOLVER. I know that Desperado skill hurt's like hell but other skills of other jobs hurt's as bad. My point is "ITS A DRAGON FORCE WEAPON" make it more like a dragon force weapon like the others. Why just make it 80 attk damage and +2 hit per refine rate compared to a common garrison which only has 70 damage. It's as if it's not well thought out. For example icarus bow's attk dmage is 150 and the df bow's attk damage is 200, there is an additional 25% more damage comapred to icarus bow, but the poor df revolver only has more or less 10% more damage compared to best possible weapon for GS which is the Garrison. Please take time in reading my suggestion. Thanks in advance and more power to Darkside RO..
  8. Since the ifrit, crothen, thana and randgris cards now are available thru HoH why not make it available in the donation shop too. just my 2 cents. no hate please.. peace and love to everyone except in pvp. LOL
  9. what are the mobs in HOH? is it like Monster Arena? sorry for this but i want to evaluate so i would know what character to use for hunting..
  10. Can we do something about the Thanatos Card getting more expensive? Right now they are dictating it to be around 120B. Maybe make a Quest specific for a Thanatos card like the DF Quest aside from the event coins. Because there's a lot of solo players who does not want to enter Thanatos tower (some doesn't want to create lots of accounts and there's too much competition in the tower). TIA and more power to Darkside RO.
  11. wow when BG started getting boring then this update happened. Kudos to you GMs..
  12. IMO the HW on this server is too strong to the point that its already "imba". Its always dominating pvp, bg and woe. So my suggestion is make the damage/effects of cards, weapons, skills for wizards balanced so we snipers have a fighting chance. Or make a card exclusively for snipers that has the same effects of gtb but not on shields.
  13. amen to that.. LOL
  14. yeah so cool... im lovin darkside ro!!!