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  1. Do a promotional 1 week enchant using hard credits @ 1500 credits per attempt. Lower zeny rewards on in-game events such as WoE rewards. Think long term solutions as well. Overall credits in the game right now is absurdly high and having less stock of it will most likely reduce overall prices.
  2. In all honesty, guidelines don't mean shit if you won't be enforcing it. Let's all be honest here, EVERYONE wants to make easy money. Posting guidelines and expecting everybody to follow out of the bat is plain wishful thinking. What I suggest is to have players that are selling OP items get punished and have fake buyers a.k.a flakers get the same treatment. Tbh, this is gonna be hard since this is enforcing on a players freedom on selling an item on the price he wants it to be.
  3. +1 on this
  4. Praise Dear Lord.
  5. Make sure your client is closed while patching. The patcher will be unable to overwrite files while its in use. If that did not work, try running the patcher as an admin (Right Click -> Run as Admin)
  6. Wizards have a maximum of 9 cell range while Snipers have 14. If you 'effectively' play a Sniper to it's full potential and the way its supposed to be played in group PvP such as WoE and BG, you'll see that it greatly overpowers Wizards. HWs have one solid counter which is GTB and hard elemental resistance. Collectively stacking resist (GTB + Asprika + Ica Wing/Venom Wing) will put you in a state where you can sit in front of a Wizard and laugh. MC is not viable in this server (I tried) even with decent donate gears. You don't play a toon with the most range in the game in close combat / mid range or even what normal ranged characters do. Instead, you play it like the way its supposed to be played, spam DS and FAS at the point where it's unreachable.
  7. I do believe its entirely possible for devs to completely disable usables like what they did to the leftover Halloween candies. Best do it like that and adjust the sell price so some people who stacked loads of em can take back their zeny at least.
  8. This needs to be a thing every WoE.
  9. Since the custom mid is $75, do we have to give out the items to produce the combination? I'd really like a R.Visor + Abaddon Mid (or even Red God Mid if possible) Since the Red God Aura surpasses the fee, how does this work exactly?
  10. I have 58k atm, 1k=6c IGN : Tuna
  11. Alcohol boxes pls
  12. Are there actions being taken into account in terms of the DDoS attacks on the server lately during WoE?