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Champ wanna be

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  1. 18B if deal
  2. Add Crothen Card to BuyList
  3. Yeah i need. Okay deal just pm me near 7pm or just go 3
  4. Already buy Mystic set and mage fig. already sold 60k pcs alcohol. Stock 10k left
  5. welcome to my thread Buying -mystic or red set budget 100B (done) -mage fig 7B (done) -Crothen Card OFFER Selling -Alcohol 6c/per 1k , 10k= 55c -Anykind dyestuff (request) 1.5m per pcs -Enchant Scroll 10 B stock 1(SOLD) -200 token points= 110c/pcs, 105c/8pcs Stock 16 NEED HUNTER/Supplier -evil horn 8c/per 1k -fabric 5c/per 1k Leave Message here or PM me in game IGN: TukangObat
  6. BUYING evil horn 1k/7c fabric 1k/5c NEED MANY Leave Message here or PM ign : TukangObat, Cumi Saos Padang
  7. Update S>Armor Enchanment Scroll PM 17B
  8. S>200 pcs pure mithril 3.5B IGN : TukangObat