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  1. ^I think the term "after WOE" refers to the 22:00-23:00 GMT+8 WOE. This has been the practice for the last 2 lotti events.
  2. ^ Hard Mdef reduces the chance of being frozen. LUK status reduces the duration.
  3. ^ Those kind of ammunition are for grenade launchers bro.
  4. Last month's 1v1 battles were fade match. I am unsure if the moderator has added,changed or has any specific mechanics on this months' tournament.
  5. Item Restriction Lists Valkyrie Armor Valkyrie Manteau Valkyrie Shield Valkyrie Shoes Sleipnir Nile Rose Cyclop's Eye Dragon Wing Red Dragon Wing Black Dragon Wing Valkyrie Helm Red Valkyrie Helm Black Valkyrie Helm Thanatos Card Zakudam Card LHZ Cards Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb Merchant Figure Theif Figure Swordman Figure Acolyte Figure Mage Figure Archer Figure Banryu Icarus Sword Icarus Staff Icarus Bow Icarus Dagger Ring of Flame Lord Ring of Resonance Balmung Asprika Variant Shoes
  6. @Jedi Doge And also SGH as well. If possible only.
  7. @Jedi Doge Your thoughts?
  8. I haven't seen Icarus Spears' stats in game but judging from the description above it looks just a normal Poll Axe [1] to me. Weight: 380 Atk: 160 I think making it [4] slot would encourage other LK's to switch to spear type and break the meta of BB type LK. Please don't hate, just a suggestion. TY