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  1. ive been jhake player since then... zeta and osro last 5yrs and 4yrs and as far as i know that tragedy is a sabotage. the asurahosting went down without notifying any of their clients before... https://rathena.org/board/topic/95717-asurahosting-dead/
  2. +11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  3. these idiots always giving me down vote... dont get mad im just telling the facts truth hurts
  4. these idiots dont know that koe points is much harder to get than woe points lol
  5. why are you so idiot? @Paxz cant u read? the npc and code will be available for 24 hours... are you going to vote in the election for 24 hours?.. stop crying idiot u r crying the whole day today... hehehe bobo
  6. nice update admin +1111111111111111
  7. i guess @AlphaEcho the butthurt idiot dont know what will happen to asura strike damage if they didnt nerf the jaguar after updating the blackset hope this idiot gets banned permanently
  8. lol stop it boi u just look stupid
  9. and another idiot who acts like he donate but cant read the whole conversation in the thread first. i know jhake well and i hope u wont get banned for saying rip darksidero
  10. butthurt php sellers
  11. probably because of credits overflowing +1 to this update
  12. venom set is fine now since they removed the Flee+30 foods in the tool dealer. also its all about team work, even if u have 1,000 flee, 1 spider web = flee turns down to 50%
  13. u sound stupid then. do a lil bit more research bruh u obviously just check description without thinking the tier 1 and 2 item combos
  14. because of the longest defense obviously