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  1. do they attack?
  2. how do we fix this? I got my winter coat from someone, and the +1 stat bonus only works when it's in equipment default not in costume mode. Please fix this, ASAP.
  3. HI! I NEED +10 Banryu. PM me ingame or send me a message here. Thaanks! ign: Parry/OverPricing
  4. The Wing effects for Venom and Geo and helm for venom are too much. Too much flee for venom helm/ wing, too much stats for geo wing. too much. if you're gonna do that. the least you can do is buff the Black Set combo. tsk -1
  5. i know that, what i'm saying is. will the items from the surprise box be limited only for the duration of the event? or will go up until november 9 if i open it on Nov5. do you get my point?
  6. Question. About the items from surprise box. if for example i opened mine on the last day of the event. will it carry on for 4days? or is the item duration only available during the event?