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  1. @Jedi Doge Why not update the WoE SE castle?
  2. I said guardian stones not barricades, big difference. You can pm me if you want and I'll teach you how to repair barricades.
  3. Yes I am aware but have you tried the Sunday WoE SE? everyone who has done it fully knows it's futile. Hence why no one bothers after they cap the SE castle. I feel like there should be changes made regarding SE WOE to enhance the gameplay.
  4. Make song buffs such as Bragi refresh the buff timer every time it's played. (bug?)
  5. Can you make it that every time that a castle gets capped, both guardian stones will automatically be set up? this will give time for the defending guild to set up barricades and encourage more enjoyable battles/gvgs. Getting tired of the every 1-2 minute break for 2 straight hours of WoE SE.