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  1. how about Sith and Jedi Class? will they transform into taekwon and soul linker sprite? Our you guys have separate sprites for them?
  2. reduce the divest duration and success rate, the advent of Venom Set made the Stalkers OP in WoE and BG. instead of: Duration = 135 seconds +/- 1 second per 2 difference in DEX between caster and target 30% success rate since all stalkers are macro users, why not: Duration = 40 seconds +/- 0.5 second per 2 difference in DEX between caster and target 20% success rate
  3. It said that rika set is +3 vit
  4. yun na, masydo kasi inabuso nung mga homun akf farmers yung prt_maze03 eh haha
  5. Make bow one-handed, so snipers can wear shields. That's the only reason why snipers can't keep up with other class, coz they're only class who can't wield shields in the game.
  6. PRT_Maze03 should be a PK map now or run some script that prevent Humon in the map. It's unfair for those active players.
  7. I think it's much better if the new wings were in the mid slot and the new auras in the lower slot.
  8. can you reduce the Freezing duration so that the newbies can cope up with those players with VA. because there are many new players that want to join the BG, WoE and PvP, but get discouraged to play because they don't have VA and get frozen and die.
  9. +1 to this