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  1. Let's gooooooooo!
  2. Nice update!
  3. ^LMAO
  4. Guild Name: Mafia Guild Leader: Fiend
  5. They got it from Token Quest that's why they made these changes
  6. Good news! As long as it gets updated from time to time then I'd agree with this. Should've been done a long time ago but hoping it would save the economy.
  7. Good idea! Implement in beta phase then ask for player's feedback.
  8. Make Arena Points convertible to Arena Balls and make it trade-able so players can easily buy and sell the arena points It can also lower the rate of joy-tripping buyers(bogus buyers) when selling Arena Points. Also, you can add a portal going to this part of the map since most of the monsters are getting stuck here.
  9. +1 to this! It'll be a big advantage to those players who still have stocks of the said items
  10. You can use @alootid +item name/item # e.g. @alootid +peridot / @alootid +7289 or You can put all the items you need to loot in your inventory then fill it with backpack in @warp mall 92 132
  11. Guild Name: Mafia Guild Leader: Lapido
  12. Very nice update! I do agree! Better delete it completely because players that was able to stock those items will have an advantage
  13. High Wizard and Professor Class are actually overpowered here even with ppl using GTB Card because of Entweihen Crothen Card but it all depends on how good you play and how good your item is. If all you're using is F1 button with fire bolt or cold bolt then stop complaining about it. About the Daily War Event, there's Battlegrounds, KoE, WoE.
  14. Guild Name: Mafia Guild Leader: Sandwich
  15. I don't think you need to if your client is up to date.