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  1. Make Arena Points convertible to Arena Balls and make it trade-able so players can easily buy and sell the arena points It can also lower the rate of joy-tripping buyers(bogus buyers) when selling Arena Points. Also, you can add a portal going to this part of the map since most of the monsters are getting stuck here.
  2. +1 to this! It'll be a big advantage to those players who still have stocks of the said items
  3. You can use @alootid +item name/item # e.g. @alootid +peridot / @alootid +7289 or You can put all the items you need to loot in your inventory then fill it with backpack in @warp mall 92 132
  4. Guild Name: Mafia Guild Leader: Lapido
  5. Very nice update! I do agree! Better delete it completely because players that was able to stock those items will have an advantage
  6. High Wizard and Professor Class are actually overpowered here even with ppl using GTB Card because of Entweihen Crothen Card but it all depends on how good you play and how good your item is. If all you're using is F1 button with fire bolt or cold bolt then stop complaining about it. About the Daily War Event, there's Battlegrounds, KoE, WoE.
  7. Guild Name: Mafia Guild Leader: Sandwich
  8. I don't think you need to if your client is up to date.
  9. It will be consumed when used whether failed or not. Type @mi 1976 / Cobalt Mineral
  10. I think they made it that way in purpose because if you can get ores easily then you can get scrolls easily as well. Having a lot of scroll will make you overpowered especially when you are lucky and you get to successfully enchant +3 stats in all of your armors. That's a total of +15 str/int/dex/agi/luk.
  11. not the data folder, check the highlighted file below delete darkside.dat > close all clients > open patcher
  12. delete darkside.dat in your darkside folder then repatch
  13. Make an option in the Gate Keeper / Arena Shop to convert arena points to arena balls so we can easily trade or sell the Arena Points/Balls to other players.
  14. I would like to talk about Force Classes' talismans. As far as I know, Siths are mainly used for Arena Grinding and MVP hunting while Jedis are used for PvP and Woe. I've always been seeing Siths such as the Arena Grinders under Talisman effect because of its effect to kill Boss monsters faster while on the other hand, the Jedis I see doesn't use them. Why? Because instead of it being an advantage for them, it'll became a disadvantage because of the switching restriction. I would like to suggest to change the Jedi's talisman. New Jedi Talisman: - Increases your Critical rate by 10. - Using Force Sacrifice doubles the Crit Bonus to 20. - When Force Sacrifice ends, the talisman link will be removed (The bonus 10 Crit will also be removed) and the user will still be alive. - You may not recast Force Sacrifice when you're still under Force Sacrifice to prevent timer reset. Remove the following: - 1 Minute cooldown after usage. - Remove the double duration. - Remove the switching disablement. In this way, Jedi will consume tons of talismans and use up zennies to purchase lots of Jedi Talisman.
  15. IGN: Cethiel Level 200 and 100 All-in-One Buff Scroll quantity is not decreasing when used, so it can be used infinitely.