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    Shu Saura
  1. Is there a chance that you can implement this upgraded Travelers hat and also the color. please. thanks.!
  2. As the title says, how much is ifrit card?
  3. can u please make margaretha card applicable to sage also?
  4. amaterasu, abbadon and hitsugaya mid version please. unlimited alootid and save function. thanks.
  5. Please make a mid version of the new aura. Amaterasu, abbadon and hitsugaya just like you did in gold god aura. Just really want to partner the aura with Bset or Rset and i think that would be sick! thanks
  6. please make the alootid unlimited and have a function of save. something like that. its really hard to type all those items you need when you are farming for different materials and once you log out. boom. need to type again. please consider this. thanks.