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  1. Enabled instant-job changer (@warp prontera 170 160) up to January 19 only!
  2. Darkside RO is back! What's new? 3x MVP drop rates Christmas Quest prize has been doubled Christmas socks shop 50% off on all items Donation shop 50% off on all items We're just getting started! There are more surprises in the upcoming days to rev-up your gameplay! **This update will last until January 14 31, 2019 only
  3. Yes we can give back the DTs because we still have the records in our paypal/email.
  4. The server will be up once we have finished rebuilding it and setting up our new framework. We will keep you posted once it's up Thank you for your patience everyone!
  5. All your progress until the last week of November 2018 will still be there. This is not a total wipe out. Only progress during the whole month of December were lost. We had a backup, but both our main server and backup server got affected by the hardware failure. I was the one who posted this, and discussed this to Jedi Doge as a theory. He then made a good point that our host wouldn't be doing it now while the server is not on its peak anymore. We don't have those cheap dollar host scams, we have dedicated servers since the start.
  6. Sir Pa help nmn po kasi ako po nkakuha ng KoeCastle .. nung kukunin ko na po ung Drop gumamit nmn po ako ng HE BUBBLE GUM pero sa apat na Treasure ni isang CastleDrop Wala po.. Pa Help nmn po please Thank You Po..


  7. Anyone interested watching a staff stream this game? :D

  8. Guess not yet
  9. Is this the day?
  10. ,,[],,

    1. kraft


      see you in a week ;)

  11. Guys, I know you love to discuss in-game related stuff, but please, keep this thread on track and avoid de-railing it with off-topic agendas. You may freely discuss it in the correct forums, and at the same time - you can attract others with the same interest or different opinion. Things are getting out of hand with the past few threads that we created, and we don't want to strictly enforce the rules. I am locking this thread in the meantime.
  12. hi i just to follow up my lost event points and i got the proof for my points lost






  13. In the past few weeks, we have heard your concerns regarding the server economy. The staff team had come up with a plan and give it a shot to fix the game's economy. Here's the first phase of the upcoming changes that we are planning to implement, and we would like to hear your opinions first before doing so. Price list for the Donation Items - In an attempt to alleviate the price of the Donation Items, we came up with an idea to maintain a document that would provide the suggested price of the Donation Items. This would give non-donators, and especially new players a chance at owning these exclusive items. Lower the Zeny rewards in Token Shop - The Treasure Hunter quests is by far the easiest way to earn quick bucks in the game. We felt that this shouldn't be the case since it requires minimal effort and it greatly overshadows the alternative features - Mining and Gold Room. By reducing the Zeny rewards in the THQ shop, we hope that the alternatives would be used more often.
  14. Did you mean buff? That's a good idea as well
  15. Good point Moon Moon, we'll take note of that.