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  1. Awesome update.☺️
  2. Selling 30k War Badges and the items below. +0/+8 VM Venom set MoA Cyclop's Eye +4 Shadow Garb Sharingan +4 Variant Shoes +1STR Nile Rose VA V Shield +7 DF Bow +7 DF Claw +7 DF Rope Shaman Aura (Low) Balmung Icarus Bow +10 Icarus Sword +10 Icarus Dagger BOC Capricorn Crown Hollow Mask Cygnus Helm Fusion Wing
  3. Make AB scrolls from Vote shop tradable please.
  4. Awesome update!
  5. Will BDO/BPI Fund Transfer be available?
  6. Got one for 15b. Thank you guys anyway.
  7. B> Dark Lord Helm. Drop your price.
  8. I swear, I'll be picking weekends off next work schedule bidding so I can participate with these exciting events. Damn, I've been missing a lot.
  9. B> +10 ICA SWORD 2.5B, +10 SKEWER 6B, VRC 20B
  10. Would it be possible for you guys to upload a stand alone gepard.dll download file in the website as Windows tends to quarantine this the most as this is detected as a Trojan. Downloading the Lite/Full installer is a bit of a hassle.
  11. I have to agree with this @Odessa. The black set is pretty much not equal in terms of the benefits they give its user compared with the other sets. VHelmhas VIT+ 20 RVhelm has DEX+ 20 BVHelm has STR+5 Dex+5 Mystic Vhelm Int+ 20 Blue Vamp wing = Vit+ 10, HP+ 10% , Increase damage to Demi human 10% Red Vamp wing = Allstat +5, Increase damage to Demi human 10% Black Vamp wing = All stat +5, increase damage to Demi Human 10% Mystic Vamp wing = Allstat + 5, Increase damage to Demi human 10% Combinations: Blueset = HP+5% Blackset = STR +10 Redset = Dex+ 5 , increase Bow damage by 10% Mysticset = int+ 10 Maybe the Black Helm should have STR+10 DEX+10 instead so all Valkyrie helms can have +20 of designated stats.
  12. What about Enriched Eluniums, will these be added in the future? Awesome update BTW.
  13. General marketplace conduct, rules and regulations: Do not attempt to scam someone. Trading in-game items for real life currency is PROHIBITED. Do not spam in the thread. Be nice to your cohorts. Do not display toxic behavior, such as flaming, in the marketplace. Bumping of thread/s is not allowed. Multiple threads with the same content is not allowed. Remember: you are responsible for whatever transaction you are holding with another person. GMs are never going to ask for your items nor account information.
  14. Hahahaha! Just wait until you see it run. /lol You're welcome.