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  1. Amen to this!
  2. And that is the reason why they are so cheap too, Making the seraph sets cheap cause of the odd looks
  3. Hello @Jedi Doge i Think a little bit of adjustment with the sprite of archangel will do, kinda make it more closer to the back of the character , so that in the front view it doesn't look like the wings is just hanging in the shoulder!
  4. Hey guys. I just wanted to share this one, I've been seeing this costumes called archangels, Nothing wrong with em and they are cute and cool but i've noticed that the wings is a bit off when you're looking into your characters front view, The wings are not really in the back, Thus it look like it was just on the characters shoulder? Is it possible for you guys to fix it on the next patch? I think it should look like this , Cause when people wear it right now the wings doesn't really look like its on the back.
  5. I think some class buffs should just work on themselves ( Unless there is a card/items that gives that skill) on pvp room,whitesmith buffs should only work on themselves on pvp there's this sinx that has full buffs and he pretty much nuked everybody lol ,Disable basilica too, So many priest goes in to pvp room just to troll And is it possible to implement War of Emperium 2.0? Just to make the competition between Guilds much more intense.
  6. Selling +10Icarus knuckles 3 pcs = 3b Each Fusion Wings = 5b 2 Pcs Merchant Figure = 3b Shadow Garb 2 pcs = 7b Each Trading Trading My ThanaC to your CrothenC + 5B All Fixed!