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  1. Ss skill is critical dmg, so you need high crit rate to maximize the dmg, i do suggest to change or buff the bowguardian card atm it gives 25% inc dmg to double strife hope the admin can add 25% inc dmg to SS aswell so sniper can use it, with the less cast delay of ss majority of sniper will now use ss instead of ds,
  2. Great job! Finally we can see sniper on dps sniper on woe
  3. As you can see i choose 427 cloth number when i am in peco peco my sprite is blue, but if i remove my peco the sprite will be brown, the normal color of this sprite is blue. 420 + c.color are bug on stylist npc. its not a major bug. but i hope you can fix it thanks
  4. Automated Poring Race event(why not?) Bet should be 5-10c and the prize pool will be distributed for all the betters who bet for winning poring(just like horse race)
  5. Please make an offer, i am also buying Asprka
  6. You can switch set/ weapon without talis on jedi + you can use force sacrifice even without the link, you just need to remind ur self to use force sacrifice every 50 sec, as i said switchibg equips is essential on pvp/woe About the sniper, ok lets say the sniper have sinxc vs an LK with a sinxc who do you think will win? Sniper will normal attack/ds the LK with parrying, cant use the SS because the spam rate is high, wizard jt spam rate is low same as BB,melodystrike,CT, i tried using 2 kiel card while testing the sniper but it doesnt help at all the cast delay was way to high only bragi can lower the cast delay, im suggesting this for job balancing so every job can be playable, lets face it majority of the players doesnt like sniper because they only become trapper on woe, sniper got alot of potential, and fgs defender can easily counter the sniper
  7. As a jedi user i dont use talisman, i can just spam the force sacrifice and i will not die, but sometimes when i forgot to re use the skill = dead, the point is for me the talis was useless, you can just spam the skill, And about the sniper, have you seen a sniper using the skill on woe? Majority of the sniper in woe are trappers it would be much better if the skill will be adjusted, so we can have a balance job on all class, (edited) i tried using sniper class tried the spam rate of Sharpshooting the spam rate will be reduce a lot using bragi. i think we can adjust the dmg formula of the SS? or can the Bowguardian card gives +25% boost dmg for SS aswell cause it only gives boost dmg to DS. thanks in advance About the priest buff, i tried playing on. Server with that concept and it is not OP at all, the good thing is we will have a playing priest on a party / gvg, well it all depends on the admin to consider, Good morning
  8. Vending/buying using credit currency i think this will be the answer for those OP sellers all items will have a fix value because we can use @whoell to check the price. we can test it first so we can understand what will be the pro's and the con's oh and it will help newbie's too max zeny is like 2b. so they can't sell bts stone / thd in bulk using vending cause of the max zeny. so they are using multiple accounts to vend it. if we implemented this i think we can have less vendors.
  9. what is new/ fixed about the dragon sword any details? and thank you for fixing VRC
  10. Jedi Soul Link (like wth?) first of all the link is useless. atleast remove the equipment lock effect, even without the link you can just spam force sacrifice and you will not die, switching equipment in pvp is a must why would you lock the equipment like Berserk skill of Lordknight. atleast give us more buff with the link. Sniper(buff) we all know that sniper always become a trapper in woe. why would u make a sniper if stalker class has more dmg on DS? i would like to see this job on woe atleast boost the dmg / lower the spam of Focus Arrow/SS so we can use sniper in clash / woe this is a great skill AOE good for defending castle Priest (buff) yea priest heal / use aspersio in woe but why not make the other buff much better? for example, Impositio gives +25atk why not change it to +5%attack instead of 25? same as gloria? why not everytime you use gloria it gives Luk+30 and some flee? Angelus gives reduce dmg to demi human instead of +defense? is it much better? Blacksmith (buff) greed chance for me is to low not same as the Parry of LK VRC card dispell chance is 10% but everytime i hit a target the dispell chance is way too low. kindly check it, sinxc/wsc is much faster to cast with 1% chance This is a suggestion more power DarksideRO (sorry for my bad english)