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  1. yeah, please bring back my sinx on the ladder
  2. i lost my break ladder ranking after i claimed my points
  3. i need help, the patch is not continuing, i tried deleting the darkside.dat and repatch still same thing happens, and theres a startgame button but its unclickable. help please...
  4. auto backslide and high jump removed... so what if the ring works that way, thats the natural effect of the ring, why change it ? why not remove the ridiculous spam ?
  5. Remove rpe... and the break emp count is not working, i broke alot of emp but its not adding on my break ladder count. (Only from woe 2.0 are adding up or sunday woe)
  6. how about for the duration of stat foods ? and vit / dex stat food is not tradable.
  7. Guild Name: The Family Guild Leader's Name: ImNotTheEcaller Guild Leader's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loa.kiko Members Count: 17 Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level. Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level. A group screenshot of your guild in game.