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7 Max Deadly

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  1. how do you put all the eggs in your inventory? It won't fit
  2. can you post a video of the delay here? coz I have an idea. better yet you can private message me.
  3. yea poring race seems nice to add for event.
  4. S>1100+ Token points x55 / RSET / BSET / Eremes Scarf / Crown of Deceit / OFFER comment below
  5. It's actually working fine with my settings. maybe there is something different with your KRO, try to turn off every button from the screenshot then turn on some buttons to check.
  6. Add a custom card that will add 10% damage for Cart Termination.
  7. I believe it's the same as Dragon Sword?
  8. Please include Dragon a Please include Dragon Axe thx!
  9. @Grandia Just follow the photo and turn off these features.
  10. @kraft kindly please include the God Aura mid or lower.
  11. @Jedi Doge @kraft Kindly check if these items are wearable for Champion Class during WOE. - Hell Inferno Aura - Mystic and Gold LHZ Aura
  12. Pure credits, Leave your offer here I'll reply asap.
  13. S>Lightning Speed 18B, Valkyrie Blessing 12B, Dragon Helm 12B = pm me thx
  14. @PhantomX Hahaha I can't stop laughing I saw it earlier! My plans on buying it.. ruined..
  15. @Jedi Doge Please also fix the credit exchange to 100 pcs. next update sir. Thank you !
  16. Wah Champ is will ride a Lama. Hahaha darn it! I lost my interest on the item. @PhantomX thanks for this info
  17. ah is it random like if I wear it will be a gryphon? and how do you wear it? like an arrow?
  18. I see it looks really cool haha! Another question, is it always a lion mount like that?
  19. can you attack while boarding?
  20. just keep us update
  21. Please fix the credit exchange npc, can only produce 50 credits instead of 100.
  22. Allow champs to wear LHZ Aura during woe sir.
  23. That's exactly my point But if they want the thrill of questing then let it be, luck comes along with the quest
  24. ouch haha not worth it
  25. Just a suggestion, if possible please make an NPC or add an option to a NPC that will allow us to make Alcohol by batch of 100 at a time just like the dye creation. Since macro is now gone, it is quite tiring to make alcohols using potion create with Biochem my hands literally goes numb after making 1000 batches. Usually making 1000 alcohols only takes around 3 mins now it takes 10 minutes of non-stop pressing F1 & Enter. I believe most of us will agree with this. Only if possible. It will be a great help for us who loves to craft fish slices. Thanks!