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    Merry Christmas DarksideRO! What's New? Enabled @xmas Command Christmas Letter Hunting Event Christmas Points Christmas Raffle Christmas Screenshot Event Christmas Video Event Christmas Donation Promo Winter Coat now gives +1 All Stats Event & Promo Ends: January 7, 2018 Papa Jakk NPC @ Prontera The Christmas Card Hunting Event How to play? There are monsters around Lutie Dungeons(xmas_dun01 & xmas_dun02) that gives you a chance to get random letters. You will need to collect all the letters and if you think it's enough to form "M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S" talk to Papa Jakk NPC and get your reward. The reward is random costume headgears. You also have a chance to get different colors of candy whenever you get 1 letter. Each color of candy gives different stats. Blue Candy - Gives +5 STR Green Candy - Gives +5 AGI Orange Candy - Gives +5 VIT Purple Candy - Gives +5 INT Red Candy - Gives +5 DEX Yellow Candy - Gives buffs What are these monsters? Christmas Marin Christmas Sasquatch Christmas Cookie Christmas Chepet Christmas Myst Case Christmas Cruiser Christmas Jakk What is the reward? [Costume] Blue Santa Hat - Gives VIT + 1 [Costume] Brown Santa Hat - Gives STR + 1 [Costume] Green Santa Hat - Gives AGI + 1 [Costume] Red Santa Hat - Gives DEX + 1 [Costume] Yellow Santa Hat - Gives MDEF + 2 [Costume] Whtie Santa Hat - Gives INT + 1 Santa Raffle NPC @ Prontera The Christmas Raffle Event How to play? If you have enough Christmas Points, talk to Santa Raffle NPC and play. Each roll cost you 1 Christmas Points. Where to get Christmas Points? Stay active for 1 hour and claim your Christmas Points in any Hourly Reward NPC What is the Raffle Reward?(Random) Special Prize: x1 Christmas Loot Box Special Prize: x1 Christmas Surprise Box Special Prize: x1 HE Bubble Gum Misc Reward x10 Credits x5 Blue Candy x5 Green Candy x5 Orange Candy x5 Purple Candy x5 Red Candy x5 Yellow Candy x3 Fish Slice Box x20 Glistening Coat x20 Poison Bottle x50 Dark Box of Thunder x10 Yggdrasil Berry Box What's inside the Christmas Loot Box? This box will give you random special item Cat Santa Hat Puppy Santa Hat Snow Hat Snowman Hat Santa Poring Hat Rudolf Santa Hat Pinky Scarf Velvet Scarf Santa Scarf Snow Scarf Winter Scarf [Costume] Blue Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats [Costume] Brown Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats [Costume] Green Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats [Costume] Red Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats [Costume] White Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats [Costume] Yellow Santa Scarf - Gives + 1 All Stats What's inside the Christmas Surprise Box? This box will give you random rental donation item Each rental donation item will expire after 7 days x1 Valkyrie Armor[1] x1 Valkyrie Shield[1] x1 Valkyrie Manteau[1] x1 Valkyrie Shoes[1] x1 Sleipnir x1 Variant Shoes x1 Asprika x1 Cyclop's Eye[1] x2 Nile Rose[1] Snowman's Bound Shop @ Prontera Rainbow Stocking Hunting & The Snowman Bound Shop How to play? All you have to do is to kill Kantonio and get Rainbow Stocking at Lutie Field(xmas_fild01) If you have enough Rainbow Stocking, talk to Snowman's Bound Shop NPC and trade your Rainbow Stockings All items in the shop are account bounded x1 Banryu[4] Valkyrie Armor[1] Valkyrie Shield[1] Valkyrie Manteau[1] Valkyrie Shoes[1] Sleipnir Donation Manager @ Prontera 133 188 Christmas Donation Promo Christmas Donation Promo Promo Gift Pack 1 - 5,000 Donation Points 10 Fish Slice Box 100 Dark Box of Thunder 60 Donation Ticket & 60 Bonus Points 1 Light Up Santa Hat Box Promo Gift Pack 2 - 10,000 Donation Points 20 Fish Slice Box 100 Dark Box of Thunder 120 Donation Ticket & 120 Bonus Points 1 Light Up Santa Hat Box 1 Winter Coat Box Promo Gift Pack 3 - 20,000 Donation Points 50 Fish Slice Box 500 Dark Box of Thunder 250 Donation Ticket & 250 Bonus Points 1 Light Up Santa Hat Box 1 Winter Coat Box 1 [Costume] White Elfs Aura - Gives + 1 All Stats What is Light Up Santa Hat Box? Light Up Santa Hat Box gives you random color of Light Up Santa Hat Light Up Santa Hat is a Upper Costume that gives you + 1 All Stats until January 7 2018. What is Winter coat Box? Winter Coat Box gives you random color of Winter Coat Winter Coat is a Lower Costume that gives you + 1 All Stats