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    To our beloved players, As you may have noticed, the server has been down for almost a week already, and we sincerely apologize for staying quiet during this catastrophe. We wanted to give you an honest and straight forward answer with what happened instead of spreading false hopes. Our top priority was to talk to our server host and keep in touch with them until they have finished the investigation. Our server encountered the worst thing that could possibly happen — a hardware failure, taking down both our main and backup servers. We have closely coordinated with our host to see if our precious files and data can still be recovered by any means necessary, but the only files we have recovered were files from the last week of November 2018 — this means everything that happened from the last week of November until the end of 2018 has been omitted. We are aware of the backlash that will happen and we take full responsibility of it. The staff team is asking for your utmost patience, trust, cooperation and understanding during this time of tragedy. We promise to make it up to you guys and try to compensate for that one month of effort that was taken away from everyone. Should you have further questions or if you need to discuss something. Feel free to voice them out, and we will accommodate it to the very best we can.
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    Darkside RO is back! What's new? 3x MVP drop rates Christmas Quest prize has been doubled Christmas socks shop 50% off on all items Donation shop 50% off on all items We're just getting started! There are more surprises in the upcoming days to rev-up your gameplay! **This update will last until January 14 31, 2019 only
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    The server will be up once we have finished rebuilding it and setting up our new framework. We will keep you posted once it's up Thank you for your patience everyone!
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    ive been jhake player since then... zeta and osro last 5yrs and 4yrs and as far as i know that tragedy is a sabotage. the asurahosting went down without notifying any of their clients before... https://rathena.org/board/topic/95717-asurahosting-dead/
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    wiping all the weapon refine deeds they've given in the event hahaha
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    i love this game.. i've been playing this since dark-ro times.. i hope that the game will still continue.. i will still play no matter what..
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    Been playing to jhake's servers for 7 to 8 years. From zetaro to osro to playrps then zeta reborn and this. The problem is always the hosting.
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    When will the server start working?
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    Dejavu. Because that's the same reson you told us wayback on first ZetaRo and OkdschoolRo then same goes to your next server Ragnarok Private Server with high rate and low rate then you reopened ZetaRo wherein you closed it also after a year? You told us that you are going to fix something and will give us compensation once you fix it then you open this server DarksideRo. I wonder what Ragnarok you'll be opening next
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    "We promise to make it up to you guys and try to compensate for that one month of effort that was taken away from everyone." - yan ang sabi
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    Well, it's the server host's fault anyway so there's really nothing we can do about it. I just hope the players will understand that it's not the admin's fault as it is impossible to foresee this kind of thing to happen, or which though foreseen, were inevitable since the back up server were down as well. The best way to do if the players still want to play the game is to just simply keep playing and support the game no matter what happens. Still, #darksideronumbawan!
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    if we have screenshot we can get it back?
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    All your progress until the last week of November 2018 will still be there. This is not a total wipe out. Only progress during the whole month of December were lost. We had a backup, but both our main server and backup server got affected by the hardware failure. I was the one who posted this, and discussed this to Jedi Doge as a theory. He then made a good point that our host wouldn't be doing it now while the server is not on its peak anymore. We don't have those cheap dollar host scams, we have dedicated servers since the start.