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    Guild Package Application Requirements Minimum of 10 members. All members should be level 255. Guild level should be 50. No member of a Guild should come from the same account. All members of the guild should be from different accounts and owned by different people. All members of the Guild should be online during the time of the claim or we will not accept it. All members should be a newbie. No old accounts. If they're just making a comeback, ask them to make a new one for higher chance of approval. How it works? Once your guild is approved, I will give a Guild Package box to the guild leader. Make sure you're not overweight before opening the box. Item Lists per member:(Account Bounded) 1 Valkyrie Armor[1] 1 Valkyrie Shield[1] 1 Valkyrie Manteau[1] 1 Valkyrie Shoes[1] +7 Sprint Mail[1] +7 Sprint Shoes[1] +7 Tidal Shoes[1] +7 Wool Scarf[1] +7 Orlean's Server[1] Black Feather Beret[1] 3 Synthesis Ticket 10 Credits 10 Yggdrasil Berry Box 10 Box of Thunder Box Head Protector(Depends on the option) Wings(Depends on the option) +10 Weapon(Depends on the option) +5 Stat Accessories(Depends on the option) Card List per member:(Account Bounded) Ghostring Card Tao Gunka Card Golden Thiefbug Card Boss Egnigem Card Deviling Card Doppelganger Card How to apply?(Reply in this thread wth the ff format) Reply below with the ff format: Guild Name: Guild Leader's Name: Guild Leader's Facebook: Members Count: Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level. Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level. A group screenshot of your guild in game. Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation. Note: If your post has been deleted, that means your application has been rejected.
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    Meaning, the original price of DT items will turn back to normal (1~2 months ago). For example: 10DT = 15~20B 20DT = 30~35B 30DT = 45~60B 40DT = 65~80B 50DT = 75~90B 60DT(Sets) = 110~130B 100DT = 200~250B We are hoping that all players who are reading in this thread can understand the current situation of our server economy. So, for the sake of new players, economy and our beloved server health; we will help each other to keep our server on top. Once we implement the plan, one of the staff will make a thread for item price range. Then all OP sellers and fake buy and seller will be sanctioned.
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    Changelog March 6 Changelog Updated HG Rotation Updated KoE Shop Updated Vote Shop Updated Activity Shop Updated Lotti Girl NPC Added +1 All Stats Combo on the ff items Dragon Helm Dragon Sword Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Sword I'm not yet done for today. So keep checking this thread for changes.
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    Changelog March 2 Changelog Added @sleep command Added @gbc command (Guild broadcast) Updated @guide Command Added White Potion in Box Trader NPC You can now put the All in One Buff Scroll in Storage Fixed Unknown Aura Removed Valentine Fire Cracker in Hourly Reward Added +1 All Stats in the ff items Rogue Cape White Rogue Cape Black Rogue Cape Blue Rogue Cape Purple Rogue Cape Red Rogue Cape Assassin Cape Zombie Hands Eden Judge Birds Blessing Baby Black Dragon Thanatos Sword Revamped Costume Stats Evil Druid (Str + 1) Giant Scythe (All Stats +1) Giant Blade (All Stats +1) Firemage Set (Str + 1, All Stats +1) Arcane Set (Int + 1, All Stats +1) Saiyan God Hair (Int + 1)
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    Congratulations to all the winners! Supreme Champion:Team Bugger Worthy Adversary:Ohana Maybe Next Time:Buto Gaming
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    Changelog February 22 Changelog GvG Event - February Reduced War Badge Reqs in BG Rental Shop Increased the # of supply given by Hourly Reward Added Refine Master @ Prontera 138 223 Removed Valentine Points in the ff NPCs WoE Reward KoE Reward Hourly Reward Note: Please spend all your valentine points in Valentina. We'll remove the NPC tomorrow. Added BG Rankings at @bgroom Top 30 Killers Own Stats Added KoE Rankings at Top 30 Killers Top 30 Breakers Own Stats Updated Lotti Girl NPC Grand Prize: +10 Weapon Refine Deed Special Prizes: +9 Weapon Refine Deed +8 Weapon Refine Deed +7 Weapon Refine Deed Req: 100 Credits
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    We all have our opinions we all want this to be fair, even though our admins and or staff tried to fix this issue and make a norms to balance the economy , it really depends on us how we can farm zeny or you either decide if we're going to donate. because this people who is selling overprices is no cure at all and I dont think they would follow. The only thing we should consider is: 1.) Social Class not all of the players can afford to donate not all of them are already graduated or have jobs some are just students who also wants to play. unlike those who really earns a lot from abroad and had a stable jobs like us or the others. 2.) Player/s Norms. if this players tries to keep his norms to his item price. you should remember and consider what would be the effect to all the players, to the server, and how our server would be inviting to other people who wants to play this RO, remember the higher the population, the higher the player, the higher chance of the server to live long and inviting and all of these depends on its economy and community. 3.)In-game economy norms. Our admins is giving their efforts to give standard and regulate the prices so the item could circulate appropriately. but the thing is, is this players would follow? is there any sanctions? I think there no rules giving sanction to them, coz, first of all their reason is, they bought it from their own money(and we cant do anything about that) he/she could decide whatever price he want it to sell. BUT*** how about the players farming 24/7 to gain also credits and to farm such items needed. we should also consider them. farming/hunting is hard it takes time and there a lot of competition in-game. the thing here is we should be Fair. both side gave their time and efforts, both side deserve to have good items. donating is much easier than farming literally. "And we don't know how soon our broken economy will return to normal". 4.) Necessity of the Item: try to look on the stats attributes. if you really need this/that item or not. a. is it only for character cosmetics/aesthetics? b. is this good for your character to be strong enough? tanky enough? increase your PD/atk/flee enough? c. is worth buying for? (it up to us. its up to our choice) POWER or FASHION or BOTH, can you afford it, can you farm hard for it?, do you have enough time, time frame to gain/have it?. 5.) Donate: Actually all of us should be at-least give some donate coz this will also help the server alive and running. it doesn't mean the you need to donate a lot but at-least donate that you can afford from your own pocket and budget, not doing bad thing or being thief to you parents or to anyone, try to budget your "Baon/ or sahod" keep some money to donate or wait for your birthdays/achievements and then request for a gift as your satisfaction. 6.) Player Attitude/Discipline. a. Cancerous - this is stoned hearted people, you can't change their mind and totally-absolutely greedy and they dont care about how you gain your zenny as long they will have a good profit. b.Dummy God- the partner of cancerous players. who keeps playing multiple accounts talking to him/her/his self deceiving other players making such norms that this should be the present price. c.Talkative Chicken- A player who loves to trash talk. player's who tries to abhor some player and guilds. d. Hard-Rich Farmer- The I don't care player. these are player with good farming ability. who knows how to gain Credit/Zenny quickly. they just ignore how much the price it cost, becuase they know how to regain it immediately e. The Lazy Day-Dreamer- A player who only loves to stand-by keeps dreaming/wishing that I want this and I want that. but he doesn't farm, give effort for it. f. The Rich Kid- Well, the most players who do/can donate. haha THE BOTTOM LINE TO ALL OF THIS. IS to lets try to be CONSIDERATE. we all love playing Ragnarok (either private or local) before until this time. let's just be FAIR and FRIENDLY. and make our economy return to is normal and balance status. we both all give our efforts either you're a donor or not. its just that we are all on different social classes how we earn zeny and items.
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    I mean... careful on this one though. Soon player's will be like... Ohh its quite imbalance you should implement other 3rd job skills as well on other jobs.
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    i think you guys should put an NPC where can ppl exchange God Aura's into middle to mid or low to middle with a credit charge fee. because ppl taking advantage of it selling overpricing
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    please fix majority of DarkSide Costumes having 100 weight each instead of 10. (10 in description but actually weighs 100) vote point shop costumes, activity shop costumes, bp costumes, etc etc, they have 100 weight each </3 #justiceForLowStrChars
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    Restricted 7v7 Event Note: 7v7 event mechanics will rotate every month. For example; this month, there will be a restriction in items/equips. Next month no item restriction. Mechanics: Date: Sunday, March 18, 2017 Event Starts: 6:00PM GMT + 8 or 06:00 Server Time Format: Round Robin (Guild with the highest points win) Participants play each other once Best of 2 per match Map: GvG Max Member: 7 No Job Repetition Clown and Gypsy is not allowed. Choose only one. Members must be in the same Party and Guild Emergency Call is NOT allowed No Pets Allowed No Dual Clienting. Each player can only register once. Or your team will be automatically disqualified. Both teams should meet at the center of the map after the countdown. Or your team will be automatically disqualified. Bugging of guild's position title is strictly prohibited. - Member will be kicked out automatically. Restricted Items: Check here! GTB Card magic immunity will be reduced to 60% (On event time only) Prizes: (Will be sent to the leader only) Champion: 4,500 Donation Points + 7pcs 7v7 Champ Crown(Costume) 7v7 Champ Crown Preview 2nd Place: 3,500 Donation Points 3rd Place: 2,500 Donation Points How to Register?: Reply below with the ff format Guild Name: Party Name: Party Leader: Members & Job: Note: Registration Ends March 18, 2017 5:00PM GMT + 8 Are you a newbie? Do you want to join the event together with your guildmates? Apply for Guild Package now!
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    Changelog March 17 Changelog Fixed Pisces Diadem Stats Added +1 Allstats on Bell Coat Added +1 Allstats on Rainbow Archangel Wing Added +1 Dex on Rainbow Archangel Wing & Rainbow Seraph Wing Helm Combo Added 5 Items in Agit Lord Quest Valkyrie Armor Valkyrie Manteau Purple Rogue Cape Rainbow Archangel Wing Rainbow Seraph Wing Helm Added Box of True Sight in WoE Point Shop Expensive, but can be used inside GvG/WoE Added 3D Glasses in Donation Ticket Shop Updated WoE MvP Ranking Shows top 30 killers Top 3 killers will receive rewards
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    I noticed that there are customized headgears(like Kinesso Sword) that I think does not fit the RO sprites. I also noticed that there are tons of hats that are released and not even 70% of them are used by the players. I think that maybe the designers should make a collaboration with the community or pick a small group of players(some stylish/fashionista players) to try the headgear or give constructive criticisms if the customized headgear will fit the standards of the RO world before the headgears are released. It's just my thought that I have been holding in for a long time and I think that I should try to voice it out even if it will not even be read and I think that doing this will improve the audience impact of the new headgears and the released headgears(if you guys will remodel them). A character's appearance affects a player's motivation. The ideas for the customized headgears are good but it's just the design that bothers me and some of the players that I have talked to happen to agree with me. I hope that these suggestions inside this post are at least read and given consideration. Looking forward to the hats that are to be released next in the upcoming updates. /no1
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    im doin quest for DF Weapons, not donating
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    Should be +0 you can't use Refine Deed on an already refined weapon.
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    They need to advertise more tbh. I feel like this server has becoming more dependent on people donating
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    I understand,and there should be specifics, but basically.. I'm only referring to God Auras(100 DT).
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    i did everything you said here without these requested features just talk to people, find friends, and so on... no need for public spam rooms in my eyes
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    No, you can still use force sacrifice without talis, a player only uses talis when using force sacri as one of its main buffs to not die when the duration ends, 75% of the hp will be drain instead of dying when in talis mode, thus, its a must need, but those who dont use force sacri as a main buff, doesnt need one.
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    Added +1 All Stats Combo on the ff items Dragon Helm Dragon Sword Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Sword
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    After Introduction of Refining deeds no body want to buy old +4/+5 df weopons, which was bought with lot of hard work and struggle.. its lik no value for those weopons now.. everyone asks for +0 /+7 n more ... plz do sumthing
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    Nice update sir! Is it possible also to revamp Black Dragon Helm + Black Dragon Sword and Dragon Helm + Dragon Sword costumes? Coz it costs like 100 bp'ish and it dont have any stats, Like for example, Dragon Helm + Dragon Sword / Black Dragon Helm + Black Dragon Sword when combo'ed gives +1 allstas.. Tnx! Hope you'll consider this. @Jedi Doge
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    @Jedi Doge Does this mean that these items are Costumes now? Will Bell Coat give +1 All Stats too in the future updates?
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    Press alt + U then it will show the Quest Window, on the lower left there is a Tick Box, you click it. (Will attach screenshot later.)
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    It will happen on sunday, after hot agit sir. 11pm ~ 11:30pm GMT+8
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    This prices are based on the market price being broadcasted in-game. Asprika - no idea right now +10 DF Claw (knuckle) - 300B+++++ Sleipnir - 30b ~ 35b Black Set - 150b+++++ Valk. Shield - 10b ~ 15b No + Naga Shield - 5~10m +7 Naga Shield - 20c ~ 40c +8 Naga Shield - 3b++++ +9 Naga Shield - no idea +10 Naga Shield - no idea Demon Fox Aura - 400b++++ - 600b++++ Prices stated above is not absolute. Again, I just based it on the current market price I saw in the broadcast of players. Thank you.
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    @Wancho follow this sir.
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    on your RO Folder > opensetup.exe > Sounds Option > No Sound > Save > Run the Client again.
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    yap, its donate item but you can doing with quest
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    Yaa sure, how many pcs you need?
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    While the inflation rate goes up I have something in mind that will mitigate the issue. First remove zeny from token quest because we know that this is the root cause of issue. Second add some quest items that can buy from NPC like Fist of fury, Skewer, Takius Blindfold, Magina Blindfold and Alice doll since they are pre-requisite items of another quest.
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    @Hancock here, please follow the guide.
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    Not a bug. Just removed all of your equipment, armor/weapon/shield/garment/shoes
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    I'm also wondering where their credits came from.
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    As of now, Job Ticket is removed from the Lotti. But it will be back soon, as per the admin.
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    Hoping that we can trade our points to something worth it.
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    @Jedi Doge I would like to suggest that you add an NPC(probably one that gives quests) that allows Players that used Job Costume Tickets to interchange their 3rd Job Sprites(Korean/Original Sprites and Japanese Sprites) because there are players that prefer the other version than the current 3rd Job Sprites that we are using. No more additional Job Costume Ticket required just a quest for you to change your current 3rd job sprite or just add it as an option in the current Job Costume NPC. Since there are few to no participants in BG events, I would also like to suggest that you include WoE and KoE shop headgears in the BG Shop so that BG will be filled with players again because there are fewer players that attend BG unlike before when I first transferred to this server. For BG features: Please make use of WoE castles or castle grounds as additional terrains so the players get to form strategies for WoE purposes(This might attract participants, maybe or maybe not but it will be good to try and test if it will work). Make BG similar to HoH(not like the farming type that Chan and friends do. No HoH points to be acquired and make the mobs similar to Castle Guardians to make use of the Elder Card which most likely no one ever uses) so that there's a new kick to it. Make the Red and Blue Team spawn HoH mobs(Just the HoH characters, no HoH points to be acquired if you kill one. If you play DOTA, LOL, Mobile Legends, and more, you will get the idea why I am suggesting these HoH mobs to be added in BG). Doing these might attract players to participate in every BG event. Make use of Star Wars as the theme for this if this will be approved(Red Team as the Darth Vader's Team) The only times that BG is running is 8-9pm and 12-1am server time. Most of the players start to do other stuff or play other games whenever they wanted to join BG but there are insufficient participants for it to start so you might want to relate or make a similar feature/s from other games to RO just so that RO can keep up with new games that are being released. I just want this server to be lively again all day, not just during evening WoE. /lv
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    Yeah pls enlighten us about this.. the chances and items we can get aside from weapon tix
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    as per sir Jedi Doge in-game, a +0 weapon can go instantly +10 if you use the +10 weapon refine deed.
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    Probs will go up one refine at a time so will need the +8 9 and +10 tickets. Instead of a garunteed refine ticket, may be just do safety tickets instead so it'll drop the credits further? For needing more to get +10
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    I agree to this too its a very good idea, It gets wayyyy too expensive to try and collect them all and helps to remove some of the credit circulation too (100C-500Cred) , considering the cosmetics are already costing $100USD/$150USD for one of them. Maybe im just out of touch with the value of donation goods on private servers these days..
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    If you're so worried about the newbies than why would you even suggest having EDP enabled in woe in the first place? How is it even a fair fight when you have eg. a Champ/Gunslinger with edp and devo smashing through a stack of players like a bowling ball hitting a pile of bowling pins. I find it really funny how you are able to contradict yourself in the same thread with 2 separate posts. The whole idea to the game is to find ways to counter what others excel in and surpass them and to say 700FLEE on a Clown is really over exaggeration cause even with A whistle and 255 Agi their flee doesn't even reach 600. Here's a little enlightenment for you Missy flee isn't really the thing that bothers you, its bigger than that. But that's for me to know and for you to find out. #RIPFAIRFIGHT
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