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    Headgears from Halloween Loot Box
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    Headgears from Halloween Letter Hunting Event
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    In-Game Rules The following rules govern all the basic interactions within the Darkside Ragnarok Online. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result account termination and such. Please refer to the Types of Abuses for a more detailed set of infractions and punishments. 1. While playing in Darkside Ragnarok Online, you shall respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. You shall not harass, threaten, deceive or cause any distressful concerns or any unwanted attention to other players. 2. We want Darkside Ragnarok Online to be a fun and safe place for everyone. DarksideRO is a global game, played by people from different countries and states around the world. Because of that, there might be conflict around players about what names are offensive. A name that is not offensive to you may be very offensive to another player. Therefore, we are not going to allow names that: Have offensive racial, ethnic, or national connotations. Reference sexual acts or real life violence. Are pornographic. Make inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions. Reference illegal drugs or activities. Reference major religious figures. Reference certain real-life people that may cause distress (e.g. Hitler). 3. You shall not communicate to any player's real world information (name, address, account name, etc.) through the DarksideRO FB Page, Group, Site and Board. 4. You shall not advertise the intent nor commit the act of buying, selling, or trading any DarksideRO account(s) or item(s) for real-world money trades. 5. You shall not offer in-game services for real-world money trades. 6. You shall not exploit any bug in any of our servers. You should not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other players. Bugs should be promptly reported to the Developer Team. 7. You shall not use any third-party program (such as a bot, 3pp) in order to automate game play functions, including playing, afk-farming, chatting, interacting, or gathering item(s) within DarksideRO. Also, you should not assist or store item(s) for other players who are using such. 8. You shall not bring into play any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, obscene, defamatory or racially offensive languages. 9. When communicating in DarksideRO using public chat (including the use of Broadcast System and use of the Private Messaging), you shall not spam, flood or insult any player of the game. 10. You shall not impersonate any DarksideRO Staff Member. Please be advised that all DarksideRO Staff Members has their own guild; DarksideRO Staff. 11.You shall not report players maliciously, or cause them to be investigated without reason. Individuals who abuse the reporting function will be investigated and will face possible account suspension or account termination depending on the gravity of abuse. 12. You shall not argue with any DarksideRO Admins/GMs/Polices when receiving punishment. Arguing or trying to debate violation, may result in a more severe punishment. 13. You shall not market, promote, advertise, or solicit within the DarksideRO game or in our forums. Punishment First Offense: 3 Hours Jail & Mute Second Offense: 6 Hours Jail & Mute Third Offense: 24 Hours Jail & Mute 3 Days Banned 7 Days IP/MAC IP Banned The rules are not limited to this list. Please be sure to use common sense above all when playing in our servers here in Darkside Ragnarok Online.
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    increase battle ground warbadge make it x5 everyday disable dual on koe battle ground overlords so many abuser duals enable @warp thanatos floor since thanatos card can obtained thru HOH recruit an active helper gm event that can online everyday since your helper today not active decrease the number of guild members to 15/15 max since only 2 guilds with 15-20 are online decrease the required number of player to start battle ground like 3 / 3
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    The players has been less from day by day now. Improve Battle Ground (BG): 1. Reduce minimum players to 3v3, increase winning points from 50 into 75~100 or over that balance the situation (deathmatch) 2. Remove Castle BG map, just focus on DeathMatch map (players not play on castle map - based on bg exp) 3. Something that "why must I join BG?" Put something rare/most needed items on BG shop example Cards / DT / Enrich Elu / Cdrops with average prices (instead of costumes =.='') 4. Change BG time gap into every 2 hours or increase BG playtime into 1.5hours or any ****** Im thinking myself ~ Does RO a farming game 24/7 or a PK game?
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    Changelog October 23 Changelog October 25 Changelog Patched Halloween Prontera (Must update your patcher) Added Halloween Maze Event Run every 3 hours Players will be warped to start the maze You will have to find the real Jack o Lantern While walking, there's a chance to summon aggressive halloween monsters The real Jack o Lantern will be warped every 30 seconds There will be some fake Jack o Lantern that will have the power of 10x MVP monster(based on the boss array). The first player to find the real Jack o Lantern wins. Others who stayed and at least half of the winner's walked cells will receive consolation prizes. Winner Rewards 100 Credits 1 Bonus Point Ticket 1 Halloween Loot Box Consolation Prize 10 Credits 10 Yggdrasilberry Box Added Jump Scare around prontera While walking in prontera there's a chance that a random scary picture will pop up and give you supplies 10 Yggdrasil Berry Box 10 Yggdrasil Seed Box 10 Box of Thunder Box 6 Different Candies Cooldown: 1 hour
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    Changelog October 23 Changelog Fixed Wrong Description Increased Overlord monster's HP and Damage Sunday WoE SE new time: 10~11 PM Moved Raffy da Raffler NPC at Prontera 168 178 Enabled @halloween Command Added Halloween Letter Hunting Event How to play? There are monsters around Niflheim (@go 13) that gives you a chance to get random letters. You will need to collect all the letters and if you think it's enough to form "H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N" talk to Papa Jakk NPC and get your reward. Rewards? (Random) Skull Hood ( +2 All Stats ) Jack ( +2 All Stats ) Whisper Mask ( +2 All Stats ) Glowing Witch Hat ( +1 All Stats ) Gothic Pumpkin Head ( +1 All Stats ) There is Something ( +1 All Stats ) Added Halloween Points Where to get Halloween Points? Hourly Reward NPC KoE Reward NPC WoE Reward NPC Added Halloween Raffle Halloween Surprise Box Rewards ( 7 Days Rental Item ) Black Set Box Blue Set Box Red Set Box Geo Set Box Venom Set Box Mystic Set Box Variant Shoes Asprika Medal of STR Medal of LUK Medal of DEX Medal of VIT Medal of INT Medal of AGI Gold Valkyrie Helm Halloween Loot Box Rewards ( Random New Headgears ) Autumnal Flavor ( ID# 20065 ) Cherry Blossom Hat ( ID# 20066 ) Bouquet Hat ( ID# 20067 ) Cat Ears Longhair ( ID# 20068 ) Cat Ears Shorthair ( ID# 20069 ) Fawn Ears ( ID# 20070 ) Happy Rabbit Ribbon ( ID# 20071 ) Lovely Heart Cap ( ID# 20072 ) MVP Hat ( ID# 20073 ) Orange Tabby Cat ( ID# 20074 ) Panda Rabbit ( ID# 20075 ) Poring Muffler ( ID# 20076 ) Gold Majestic Goat ( ID# 20077 ) Master Cat ( ID# 20078 ) Gothic Pumpkin Head ( ID# 20079 ) Pop Popcorn Hat ( ID# 20080 ) Slurp Slurp Hat ( ID# 20081 ) Reaper Coat ( ID# 8050 ) Added Halloween Trick or Treat Event Players joins with @trick or @treat command. At first use of the command they will be teleported to the event area. The event will count how many people did @trick and @treat. The majority will be nuked out and disguised to jack o lantern for 5 seconds. Round will go on until there is only 1-2 players left. If players typed the same command no one will be nuked. If player did not type any command at all, he will be nuked. Rewards x100 Credits x1 Bonus Point Ticket x1 Halloween Loot Box More to come this week! Halloween Maze Halloween Prontera Blitz Mode PvP
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    Sinxc additional SB damage. If its not going to be implemented please remove it.
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    +2 all stats on Invisible Set pls
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