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Hear all the announcements from the Dark Lord himself.

Darkside RO Board Rules

1. Though shall not create a disturbance in the force.
2. Respect your fellow midi-chlorians, for it is earned, not given.
3. Discrimination, bigotry, racism, and any narrow-minded acts shall not be tolerated. You will hear from the Dark Lord himself when you get caught red-handed.
4. Before posting, make sure that you are on the designated or correct forum, not only it attracts a healthy banter, but makes the moderators life easier as well.
5. Do not spam content. Patience is a virtue, young Padawan.
6. If you think that the content that are planning to post does not belong to any of the forums, don't think twice about stopping yourself before you get into trouble.
7. Embedding illegal content to your posts is strictly punishable. Be it advertisements, clickbaits, phishing links, or malicious images.
8. Plagiarism is blasphemy. *Dies inside*
9. Selling your in-game assets for other than Darkside RO credits or items shall result in a force choke.
10. Always remember that any form of misconduct shall have its corresponding consequence.


  1. News

    All news from the Alliance or the Empire shall be posted here.

  2. Developer Updates

    Patch notes and system upgrades from the Death Star itself shall be posted here.