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  4. Hello. Do you still need +10DF claw?
  5. Hello. Do you still need +10DF Staff?
  6. Reply lng sa may gusto. Fixed price No more no less!
  7. S>60 or 70 DT NONR
  8. B>NHP,Black Chinese Monk Hat,VA,VM,THANA,DFBOW = OFFER
  9. Weekend's Bonuses! Date: May 20, 2018 Weekend WoE Bonuses: Play 60 minutes WoE - 50 WoE Points - 20 Credits - 20 Supply Boxes - 100,000,000 Zenies - Bonus 10 WoE Points in every 10 minutes of participation - Bonus 50,000,000 Zenies in every 10 minutes of participation Weekend Battleground Bonuses: x4 Battleground Points Time: 12:00 ~ 13:00 Server Time or 12~1AM GMT + 8 Weekend KoE Bonuses: Play 15 minutes KoE - Time: 13:30 ~ 14:00 Server Time or 1:30AM ~ 2AM GMT + 8 - Still random end time in last 3 minutes - 20 KoE Points - 20 Credits - 20 Supply Boxes - 100,000,000 Zenies - Bonus 5 KoE Points in every 5 minutes of participation - Bonus 50,000,000 Zenies in every 5minutes of participation Note: Please relogin or reconnect your account if the timer isnt working inside the castle. Note: WoE Time abuser who just hides all the time inside the castle will be jailed for 2 hours.
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  11. donate ticket / bonus points
  12. what is dt / bp
  13. 70DT = 1.3T 70BP = 210B FIX
  14. Pm your offer i need PURE CREDS! THANKS! IGN: Kailash , OneGAME
  15. Deal when you're ready
  16. Last week
  17. 1.1T
  18. 23rd 🙌

    1. imandio


      happy birthday joeeee!!!!!

  19. Newbie here I'm buying: Thanatos card = PM ME OFFER Beelzebub card = PM ME OFFER IGN = Zainet, Sasaki Zainet, AmamiyaJoker
  20. the best i have read this evening. +1
  21. Leave name and offer thank you
  22. Yes, but don't expect it to be easy.
  23. are it is same with the Medal on Donation NPC? can be quested?
  24. Hi! just a quick question, how soon can we see lotti again?😀😀 and are there any changes for the prizes?thanks
  25. Changelog May 19 Changelog ICYMI: Here's May 18 Changelog Disabled @pvp command in BG Fixed price of Medal of LUK in Donation Shop Added 4 New Headgears at Special Quest Shop Gold Broken Wings ( ItemID# 3765 ) Green Broken Wings ( ItemID# 3766 ) Bloody Broken Wings ( ItemID# 3767 ) White Broken Wings ( ItemID# 3768 ) Added Poison Bottle Box at Box Trader Event Reminder Auction/Bidding Event NPC Located at @anniv Bidding will end: May 20, 2018 ( Always check the NPC for the remaining time ) Note: If you lose, you can still withdraw your DT. The NPC will still be available for a week, so you have a lot of time to withdraw your DT. Note: If you win, you cannot withdraw your DT anymore. But you will get the prize ofc! I will give your prize manually. Anniversary Promo Code ( Invite and let your friends know about this. There will be no extension after this. ) Extended until May 20, 2018 Time: 11:59PM GMt + 8 Note: I will update the quest for Medal accessories next week.
  26. Can we have new KoE map? I've been played since last year and its pretty much the same and boring now.
  27. i really hope that activity and vote costumes should have those +1 allstats too so some new players can have those too. with that, i dont think the ones in the donation/koe/woe will lose its value because what players are after are those cool looking ones, duh! if it isnt then those donation costumes will not cost that much than the ones in the woe/koe shops. unless there is a hidden features behind it but i dont think so. adding those accessories in the DT shop makes this server more pay to win, thats if you only look only to 1 side but if you look deeper to the specs of this server, with their db populated too much but still no lag and the quality of sprites/gfx, well that just makes it reasonable, i even think this server deserves more donation.
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