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  1. Today
  3. Ayeee! Merry Christmas
  4. LK has restrictions on items the only restrictions are no parry, no ogretooth/cranial, no assump and no auto tarot and no outside buffs. You get free edp from admin as well if the fight is taking too long.
  5. @Jedi Doge @A2 Same as above. I don't see any Restriction Item for LK, does that mean we are allowed to use anything in the event? I saw 1 LK is using DF Banryu from the past event.
  6. Thanks for replying! Appreciate it
  7. 7b for pairs (fixed) leave name or pm me in game IGN: Kakarotto
  8. Yesterday
  9. Afaik, its fixed already sir.
  10. @Jedi Doge, @A2, @Vox Populi hi sirs, I was just wondering if this issue is fixed already. I'm planning to buy my first VM in the bound items shop but I fear I might experience the same bug.
  11. When Jan 7 ends, will the bounded items can be tradable when jan 7 ends? because i made a mistake that it will be tradable i just used all my creds for that stockings
  12. S/T>AbbaLow=FeatherCoat+??
  13. Worth 40 BP in the Store. Will sell for 19b. PM ingame. C h a i n W a x or hunting char: C h a i n B o w
  14. Last week
  15. PM ME IN GAME: Resonance, Koril, Shadow Chaser Resonance
  16. Guild Name: Alliance Espada Guild Leader's Name: P o y Guild Leader's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/albertpoy08 Members Count: 24 Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level. Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level. A group screenshot of your guild in game. Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: Personally NOT ALL members knew each other. We technically knew each others online, or in-game. Our guild members are composed of colleagues, personal friend, classmates, relatives, and in-game friends. The organization grew thru friend of friends network that helping each other to advance in the game.
  17. Joen online ka in-game? baka pede patulong. pde kb magjail ng players? may namamataong kasi sa mall e. ayaw tantanan ung vendor ko... pahelp naman please :)

    1. Vox Populi

      Vox Populi

      Hindi ako online papi. Tsaka wala na kami commands. @request ka na lang pag online si Sir Jhake po.

    2. Resonance-


      ok cge hahaha... nakakbadtrip ung mga nampapatong sa vends. >_< Thank you :)



      Edited by Resonance-
  18. sir jhake can you please remodel the Rager cap i wanted to make it style 1 








  19. S> Black Dragon Cyclop OR T> /w Venom / Blue / Red Set / Credits
  20. @Exo Bladegive ur best offer
  21. @Lucyal, how much for thanatos?
  22. Make an option at donation NPC to change tickets back into donation points. That way if someone has less than 10 donation tickets they can revert it back into points to purchase credits or other items that are worth less than 1000 donation points. Currently at donation npc there are no items worth under 10 donation tickets, so I believe this would make players happier if they have an option to convert their tickets back into points, or implement new donate items that are worth less than 10 donation tickets.
  23. PM ME INGAME IF INTERESTED. IGN: Daddy/Clown Alphoccio http://darkside-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/906-donation-customized-hg/#comment-5625 Thanks.
  24. Drop your price below, no over priced please I'm quite on a tight budget right now. Thanks, guys!
  25. this is semi rush price just offer leave comment here or pm me ingame
  26. sold
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