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  1. Past hour
  2. agreed, the colour of the cyc attached to the angelic valk is pretty damn ugly
  3. Today
  4. Just checked the new sprite of angelic valk set, and it is still better off without the attached cyc in it... we can't use our mid donation costume also now... like dragon cyclop's and others... Sad
  5. uhm where is that gambino npc?
  6. Lol I am not sure who you are in game. But salute to your determination for the sprites. UP for you.
  7. How much 21DT? ur ign? I'll pm ya later. Tnx
  8. Up for this... Pls update the rk's cloth color pallete sprite... Tnx..
  9. Can ya'll try to update the rune knight sprite next? it's pretty ugly and not worth the job costume ticket and also fix the job itself so it can use a mount. Thanks.
  10. Selling DT leave offer or pm me. Minimum of 20 DT per transaction
  11. clap clap
  12. +1 for this tortang talong update
  13. Changelog March 23 Changelog Added +1 Dex on Archangel Halo Added +1 Str on Fallen Angel Halo Updated Gambino NPC Removed Neo Helms Added Greater Dracul Horns Black - Str + 1 Blue - Vit + 1 Red - Dex + 1 Mystic - Int + 1 Green - Agi + 1, Flee + 1 Geo - Luk + 1, Perfect Dodge + 1 Donation Shop Update Removed Dragonforce Helm Removed Dragonforce Wing Updated Angelic Valkyrie Helm Design
  14. Yesterday
  15. B> Mystic set Sleipnir PM in Game Rausch / Spieluhr
  16. Can someone price check on DT and BP?
  17. Last week
  18. I have icarus sword. 40c is my price ign: NoblesseRogue
  19. +1 haha
  20. The less upgraded the better.
  21. Just looking to see how much black vhelm + black d wing and red vhelm + red d wings cost. Thank you!
  22. maybe it's better to finish the update before you post.
  23. Yeah it should be fixed, last time its already okay, then after patch it is wrecked again... Good idea much better to put back the korean rk sprite that is working properly.. Tnx. Pls enlighten us. @Jedi Doge
  24. @Jedi Doge @A2 @sandbox
  25. UP THIS! ! !
  26. I won but why it two winners please check this name Even Time Won its so hard to gain points in event then he/she is so easy got points its unfair pls kindly check this hope so u can fix as soon as possible thnx
  27. Please check bombring event or change the event completely. 2 winners bug/cheat still not fixed. Thanks.
  28. Lol I gave up. I don't think it will ever get fixed. I would rather they returned the sprite to Korean RK instead, because that was the working one without an issue.
  29. Kindly please re check and fix also the rk's cloth color... right, dude @VahnSeymour @Jedi Doge
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