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  3. Fail! Common MVP cards costs around 30m to 50m.
  4. Please make the mine room like the gold room that has a limited time upon entering so that other players could farm too sa it will be fair for all of us
  5. I vend it to the mall 400m. Fair or fail?
  6. same here
  7. got 50k fish atm will give discount if you take bulk IGN: JohnnyWalekr
  8. please fix invasion event. event points lost when character gets disconnected. thanks.
  9. Yep, that's correct. The timer will only work if you're inside the castle.
  10. So lets say the Emp got destroyed and a new guild owns the castle. The timer will stop if you are at the town? In-short, no points outside the castle?. I see how it is. Thanks /no1
  11. Last week
  12. Selling fish slice if you get 10-30k with discount pm me IGN: Benettoin
  13. do you still have alco?
  15. Leave your ign and offer and i will pm you in game when im on.
  16. Buying Mystic D wing message your low price. Pure Credit. Thnanks
  17. ok ok men.. thanks..
  18. Pair sir.
  19. 2.5b for str figs? only 1 pieces?
  20. 4.5B for Fusion wings and 2.5B for Str Figs
  21. how much is the fusion wings and pair of str figures? just asking.. I'm farming items so I can buy..
  22. Selling the following items: - Jedi Hood - Fusion Wings
  23. Aside from what sir A2 said, your character must be level 255 and the guild must be at max level, 50. When inside the castle your character must be constantly moving so the timer will not stop. So cloaking or just hiding in a corner will not work. Same in KoE.
  24. afaik no, you have to be inside the castle.
  25. I have a question for the minutes on WoE. Does it count if you are outside the castle even though you are playing for WoE. I just started playing so I really have no idea. Thanks in advance tho.
  26. Just start throwing out 2 day or perma mutes. AFK Homunculus farming is just less effective botting. They're literally using an AI to farm which is the same as a macro or not would do just not as sophisticated or as effective. Treat them as bots.
  27. What this topic is about and what you're saying are 2 different things, @train is meant to level, need your homunculus leveled go there, while prt_maze03 is meant to farm. Don't like leveling? Not my problem and it shouldn't destroy a way of farming. Also there's a command @noks that makes it so 1 mob can't be kill stolen, anything more then 1 mob is free game. Just because you can tank 100 Baphomet Jr doesn't mean they all belong to you.
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