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  2. how i can get the promo
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  5. bugged gawaan ng counter agent at mixture geffen_in (141, 140)
  7. My Agni pet had continuous decrease of hunger then it suddenly stopped decreasing. 3 weeks ago and until, it's stuck on 92 hunger rate. I asked the other gms to change the agni egg but they don't want to, i mean it's just trading it with the same item, just a new non-defective one. They told me to pm Bot =) thanks in advance! =)
  8. 2t or??
  9. S> items in pic for 43b or AES = 30b Archer FIgure = 15b T> AES for Kakashi Head Protector + Icarus Bow +10 IGN: L3MonMarMald3
  11. Forgot to reload. Try now.
  12. fix on Hunter's Bow did not take effect. still equips low head.
  13. thanks, sana yung sa alcohol din
  14. Fixed.
  15. Sure. Next changelog maybe.
  16. reduce the other alcohol brewing requirements from 5 stem and 5 poison spore to 1 EACH. changing of character slot in site is only 1-9 doesn't have up to 10-15
  17. How about Mind Breaker?
  18. soft sheep hat costume please http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=18569&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search agi and blessing scroll from arena not giving 20 scrolls like in the description. emergency scrolls from arena not working.
  19. yeahhhhhhh bellcoat on bounty shop thanks sir doge
  20. Yay!
  21. Changelog September 15 Changelog Reduced Max Guild Capacity to 21 Starting on September 22, night WoE castle will be restricted Every saturday night only Restricted Item List Removed Attack Strength buff on Gospel Rebalance the ATK Formula of Provoke Skill Lvl 1: 5% Atk Lvl 2: 5.5% Atk Lvl 3: 6% Atk Lvl 4: 6.5% Atk Lvl 5: 7% Atk Lvl 6: 7.5% Atk Lvl 7: 8% Atk Lvl 8: 8.5% Atk Lvl 9: 9% Atk Lvl 10: 10% Atk Sage Class - You can now cast Emergecy Call with your full movement speed. Added @viewpk Command - You can see PK ON players easily on the map when using this command. Preview Here Added PvP Counter in PvP Maps Disable Force Be With You skill effect on dead parties Fixed Hunter's Bow Added Bell Coat on Bounty Hunter's Shop Increased Fish Slice brew from 100 to 200 More to come! Bugs & Suggestions? Comment below!
  22. 450b
  23. Earlier
  24. GUILD PACKAGE APPLICATION: SavageBananas Guild Name: SavageBananas Guild Leader's Name: L3MonMarMald3 Guild Leader's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kr.ladores Members Count: 27 Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in max level. Screenshot of your guild showing all members are max level. A group screenshot of your guild in game. Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation. I being the Guild Leader of the guild SavageBananas doesn't know each member personally. But I've manage to recruit and invite them through in-game broadcasting system. Because i know that somewhere out there there's someone needed a boost / a help if you may. And maybe just maybe a comeback player like me starting a new chapter in playing darkRO Force HOPING WE AS A WHOLE BE APPROVED and may the FORCE be With YOu
  25. Akatsuki Hat +1 STR <3
  26. @Jedi Doge I pm'ed you regarding my concern. Thankyou.
  27. pm me Pollock ign
  28. This Ragnarok community is one of the best on the private servers list. With real-time GM support in game, custom events that are updated regularly. Donations thru Paypal are 100% secure. So why donate? Donations help support the server. I have never seen a server where GMs are that dedicated. On this server, GMs really put their heart and effort into providing custom game events and PVP events. That is 100% dedication. And the one thing that I admire on this server? The GM's sense of "integrity". Why so? Well, the GM will not sell you +10 custom items, thus keeping the community balanced. If you love this community like I do, let's help keep it alive. Here are the current Donation Promo offerings until Sept 17, 2018
  29. I try to convert my venom valkyrie helm vit+1 in costume maker at prontera... yes its possible but when I try to restore it again my vit +1 on my headgear suddenly gone... Can u help me with this problem? is it a bug? I lost my vit+1 on my venom valkyrie helm please help... Is it possible to retrieve my stats on VVH .... please help me TIA God Bless...
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